Why i often loot common items from silver and premium boxes?


i never got an legendary item from a premium box and a epic item from a silver box . it´s almost impossible.


It is possible, ive gotten epics back to back in silver boxes and legends from premium boxes. Est. chance for epic in silver is about 1/50 and 1/5.5 for legend in premium.


I may have VERY good luck but in the first 2 premium boxes i got a legendary in each…

and then i also got 2 epics in silver boxes the same day, it is just down to luck i guess.

I’d agree with estimated chances. Mine has been about 1/40 and 1/4.


yeah but i never got an legendary item. and just 1 epic in silver box :frowning: this game is so unfair, there are people that always gets a lot of epic and legendary items, for example:of 6 premium boxes i just get about 3 epic items.and the rest
is common :/… and sorry for my english :confused: im not the best .


but there are some people that gets epic an legendary items like i get the common items


erm… you can’t get common items from premium boxes… :confused: only epic and legendary…


*epic and legendary…


i will send u a screenshot


it is possible to get a common item from premium box


This is not the case.


Did you happen to fall for that con woman’s lies selling premium on the corner? She dupes a lot of people into buying from her. :astonished:



here is a screenshot … enough???


That is not a premium box. The premium box is currently red. That’s an orange box that all currently act as silver boxes i believe?


ok… i will send you a screenshot of a premium box.


Hi Kevin, can it be you are mistaking the reward boxes in campaign for premium boxes? The new premium boxes can only be bought in the store and are bright orange:


yeah i know… thats why i said this: