Why i DESPISE energy and how to kill them


shows how one good weapon can change an entire set


Yep, never underestimate a Physical Weapon that has been used by Rank 1s I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahm ahm


I see you are still young in this game


i havent use windigo or naga seriosly(i used naga on my trash second mech and never got windigo)


Yo cyanine…wat up…where U been


I just got off the telephone with energy mechs . Turns out that they don’t think much of you either .


why?cus i use heat?cus im an evil ■■■■■■■?


Energy mechs said their feelings were hurt by your post . They get no love .


Problem with energy is that when your energy are exhausted, they hit much harder. As if it were not enough to leave you with your unused weapons!

Therefore, if you build a mech free energy, you will always have to deal with the matter that its weapons will do a lot of damage.

The solution is then to place a lot of energy and regen on your mech, so that its weapons don´t hurt. This will make you vulnerable vs. heat and phys, but you will beat energy. It’s up to you.

That characteristic should be eliminated. Energy weapons should always hit normal, like phys or heat weapons, but they don´t increase damage when drain energy.


Not even heat weapons have more damage when someone is on the heat(dumb explanation) Wep.Im still sad that heats aren’t that strong against energy.
Energy will soon take over lol.


The heat damages your heat and you lose shots … the energy damages your weapons and leaves them useless. So it should be!

That privilege of having weapons hit harder when they drain all your energy does not make sense.


And they say that heats are imbalanced lol.Were both survivors


And another thing, all drones should be free heat and free energy.

The drone should always fire, even if you’re overheating or your energy is exhausted.


All phys drone or like all of them?


All phys drones cost energy and heat
All heat drones (except Swoop) are energy free

And pretty much all energy drones cost energy


All, of the 3 types. The drone should be independent of heat and energy. It´s a tool of mech that generally has little damage, but like any auxiliary tool it should “come to your help” when you cannot use anything else.


Does energy drones even need heat?
I forgot if they do


I believe a heater’s main weakness right now is the absurd weight…
Heat weapons are the heaviest types, limiting module space and such


Energy drones don’t need heat.
But all of them energy weapons cost energy though. That’s one weakness of an electrician.
If they are drained, they can pretty much just hop around and stomp