Why i DESPISE energy and how to kill them


problem is,i never got any of those exept naga and zark,but i was an idiot and made my legs myth whith them


@David_Jojua i’m joking man, relax… Yes, i’m mature, just you take thing too serious… :kissing_heart:


i hope you fucking die painfully… You just had to, didn’t you?

Btw… jk… I don’t hope you die painfully


So the reason you DIE both to Heat and Energy… Maybe even Physical, because you have a clunky build put together with Both Heat and Energy.

Pick a single damage element for 1 mech will ya’?

I say Energy :stuck_out_tongue:


@cyanine cyan, my friend, let him go to heat, we don’t need one who does not know to properly use weapons of such caliber…


Who wrote this dumb crap.


pack heat bombs and watch as the energy mechs suffer


I don’t think that will happen to my mechs.

One has devilish cooling and one has good Cap.


i get angry easyly
its just my nature


nien shvainhund
thats not to you cyanine,its to all the people who think i will go energy.i DONT MYTH SOMETHING I DONT USE


thats not a bad idea


you are basicly saing:WELLCOME TO HELL


Then do a simple Boiler.

Torso : Zarkares / Nightmare for Weight stuff
Legs : Devouring Paws
Side Weapons : Heat Bomb, Terror Cry and Corrupt Light
Top Weapons : 2X Vandal Rages / Savegery
Drone : Nemo
Specials : Teleport and Hook
Modules : 1-3 Plates depending on Torso, 2-4 Heat Engines depending on type, 1-5 Energy Engines depending if you want a counter.


i wanna be a damage heater.ya know,the type that doubleheats you and just eats away at your hp.
got any advice for that?



Torso : Brutality / Zarkares
Legs : Devouring Paws
Side Weapons : Terror Cry and DawnBlaze / Corrupt Light / Heat Bomb
Top Weapons : Desolation and Supreme Cannon
Drones : Clash
Specials : Teleport and Hook
Modules : 2-4 Plates depending on what type and Torso, 2-3 Heat Engines and the rest is up to you.

Note : This build is a Hybrid, can Overheat and deal damage.

Another Note : A regular Damage Heater rarely double-overheats an opponent y’know?


ill pick zark for torso
is terror cry a heat version of sorrow?
i have clash, teleport and hook
ps:i dont have much experience.last year i used nightfall on my heat mech::neutral_face:


Sorrow is ALREADY Heat :stuck_out_tongue:
Also no Terror Cry is that Physical Grenade Launcher, you’l use that because you don’t have Reckoning, Abomination or Magma Blast.

Also don’t use Charge, you kinda don’t need it.


im suprised an energy mech can give advice on heat mechs.actual GOOD advice.
thanks for the help.also if you use faceshocker and arent a dick on forums,i do not hate you


got void in my premium box.should i use it?


I ain’t a dick in the Forums, and I use Windforge, the extremely weaker variant of FaceShocker but less weight :stuck_out_tongue: