Why i DESPISE energy and how to kill them


Click “stamp” or “stampscr” if u using a pc, than paste here or paste on paint, save it and share it


do you mean all energy mechs use energy drones and faceshockers?
energy mechs without faceshocker be like:DID YOU ASUME MY DRONE?


arE U ON WINDOWS??? if u are then go to start button then snipping tool


Yea face shocker is most used


is that a button in the game?


Atleast from 20th to 5th. Rank
Energy meches usesmostly it.

Generally energies use it or the drone lowering your regen(but it starts from L tier, so u gotta be lucky to find&use it)


im in rank 13 and im kinda a hybrid


Button on keyboard, up the arrows.

Have a look at upper side of keyboard( few centimetres up the arrows)


are tallking about the PrtScSysRc button?


my mech
torso:interseptor legend
legs:lightning suporters myth
weapons:myth corupt light and savegry
legend malice beam and epic hysteria
drone:legend clash
phys resist:29
heat resist:33
ENERGY resist:33


See, now, there’s your problem. Your mech is a random throw together of parts with no prayer of making it past rank 5. Pick either energy or heat and make your mech all of that type.


As misfit told u, u are too balanced, u have to choice between energy amd heat weapons.
U can’t work good on energy/mech side if your mech is half and half


And u have to replace your torso.

Wear heat or energy torso

Like windigo/brutality/naga/zarkares etc




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malice beam and hysteria are placeholders.i want to use heat bomb and desolation


not toooooooooo balanced cus i have 3 energys,2heats and 1phys