Why i DESPISE energy and how to kill them


heat will make you a litteral sitting duck and phys will destroy you without any gimmiks.
energy makes me ANGERY because most weapons use energy and i like a lot of them.it makes you seem powerles unless you have anihilation graple hook.
the 3 ways of getting rid of those RATS is to use heat and keep them stunlocked with double heats,use energy counter or kill them before they get that valant snoper on your sorry ass.

or just keep them close. their most efective way of killing you is valant snip snop.
of they have EMP get the away and if they have both well,abandon ship.


As a Drainer and Electrician, this is kinda offensive but I’ll take all of the hits.

For Idea 1, yeah that is correct, unless they have a Counter too for Heats, which I have one :joy:

For Idea 2, that’s 100% correct :stuck_out_tongue:

For Idea 3, not ALL people has Valiant you know? They have the deadly EMP. Also don’t forget about Hysteria and Malice Beam, they can also drain a lot… Unless they don’t have both, then they may have some skills up their sleeves or just on the Modules.


Really feeling the love today.

Remember, whenever you get all pent up like this it’s best to take deep breaths and count to ten.

If you need to, maybe scream into your pillow and punch the bed a few times.

Then come right back to arena to get zapped by some valients and repeat kiddo :’)


thank you for the help
now im gonna kill a lot of energies with your help::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
ps:i didnt want to offend anyone with my post


remember.every tactic and strategy’s biggest weakness their predictibility…:slight_smile:


the thing i hate about them is that they will force me to stomp,teleport acros the map and attacc. also if you use face shocker,i hate you.sorry


I haven’t said ANY help at all you idjit.


I do :stuck_out_tongue: ok now battle me!


wait until i have max myth heat bomb::smirk:


what is idjit
you telling me what was right helped me


I want to see the look of your face when you face my Counter :stuck_out_tongue:


mine too ok lol :stuck_out_tongue:


well shit
gues i am ded anyway


My counter is just a simple GrimCobra, Bulldog, Ash Creator and EMP build, with a weak Snack as drone. Doesn’t really have that much draining capabilities unless you’re near it.


pls no
dont use electric cancer on me(basicly a counter)


if you mean you arent one space away then great
i got myth corupt light and savagry with clash drone


um… don’t be shy show your mech


how do i take a screenshot
im an idiot its common for me to not know that stuff


I have my second mech
Energy builded( i’m still working on it, it weights 950kg)

I use 1 hysteria and 1 malice beam. often to counter attack OP energy drainers, I don’t use the drone, I use it 1 turn before opponent energy drone disappears


Prntscr but if you don’t be have additional software installed you’ll have to then paste that into paint and save that as an image to upload. I’d recommend getting light shot then you can just use prntsrc then drag a box over your mech hit Ctrl c then press ctrl v in a post here. It will then upload it for you.