Why I am Leaving


The game has become boring for me. After 1 and a half years of wasted time, I have endured a few trashy updates. But the thing is, I was a 3v3 player and always will be. That’s how I managed to get high up in the ranks. When the 2v2 update came out, everyone else focused on a secondary mech, and I was pushed back far in the ranks. Supermechs has screwed me over once again. I’m done.


Well sheet…have a good time mate.

Pls troll kid’s k thx


Who flagged everything?


This forums’ flaggins sytem is shit


Absolutely off topic; too long not seing you in arena mate


Minecraft is actually a good game (if u like that sort of game).

It just has a toxic community.


First - let’s not get off topic, too many flags already.

Second, not at all. Its community is so large that it’s got people of all types, good and bad. Speaking from experience here.

But let’s stay with SM for now.


another dead acc :I


Thanks for the update @rianma123. We were wondering.

(credit to @lordgorgon, for this wonderfull statement, I can use now)