Why heat mechs are the weakest (according to a heat addict)

Being a heat mech since always, I’ve always tried to find an original setup to overheat the competition!

I’m litteraly addicted to shutdowning the opponent… I think I’m doing fairly well in that with the fact that I don’t have the op myth plate/resist parts and yet manage to stay in the top 25 ( mostly).

But it’s getting harder and harder to do so because Heat mech has to have high energy since its highest burning weapons use energy.
It also has to have high heat because you burn yourself with your own weapon…
And you have to have high HP because you can heat a physical mech to one attack per round but his weapon does more damage in one attack than 2 heat weapons…

So heat is the weakest/hardest to play because you can’t burn an energy mech with energy weapon and you can’t outdamage a good physical mech/player…

You can easily point out op energy build and op physical build, but can’t point to one good working build with the heat one…

Of course good heat mechs are up there, but they are easy to spot because they aren’t legion…

Annihilation with double nightfall or double valiant sniper with double blast are everywhere… for a reason…

Flame suit on, I don’t know if balancing things out are in plan from Tactisoft but i’d be great !


I strongly agree. As a heat user from the very start, I would like to push T-Soft into the position to buff heat. Currently, mass heating is very weak. By adding a buff, make CL deal at least the same as MB, 123 energy dmg. When I see a mech with dual MB, I am ready to straight up quit. Why don’t we put all our eggs in one bag and get T-soft to buff heat. Also, let us make heat not take as much strategy just to force our opponent into shutdown. So without further ado, let us shutdown T-soft’s prejudice against heat

  • Yeah! lets do it!
  • Naw, I think heat is OP

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Only 2 physicals in the top 10 this week as of now, definitely physical is the weakest.

But of course this all depends on your mech. If you have loads of HP its going to be easier against a physical. If you are only semi-energy reliant, or you have great regen energy mechs will get easier for you to defeat. I’m an energy mech and I have the most trouble with heat mechs, because I have not come across the right modules, and now I will have to swap my torso out again because of this.

Also, if energy is so OP, why not just switch to energy?

On a final note, I would like to see more weapons added in-game, regardless of whether they are heat, physical, or energy. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have an energy mech ready to build… but getting it done will take like 2-3 months… Energy has more weapons that are more efficient ( they deal more energy than heat weapons deal heat)…


Is this mech actually good against heat? :open_mouth:

get ur modules right and u have a winner… cooldown once per turn and u will outdamage said heat mech

A skilled heat mech is absolutely terrifying.

There are lots of viable heat mechs I’ve seen:

  1. Rocket mechs
    These mechs have similar physical damage w/ heat, so these are very deadly

  2. Crimson Rapture + Magma Blast
    Weakens cooling and then heats you to high heaven.

  3. Energy Nightmare
    Sorrow, Magma Blast, Crimson Rapture, and Desolation. Nearly energy free, it has non-energy weapons covering ranges 1-8, and a Crimson Rapture vs. 0 heat module energies.

  4. Death Mech:
    2 Magma Blasts, Reckoning, and Desolation. Extremely high damage output, 100% energy free

  5. Free Mech:
    Corrupt Light, Supreme Cannon, Repulser/Terror Cry, and Desolation. If someone knows how to use this, it is devastating for being F2P.

It’s just a shame that most if their good weapons are legendary only, which is the hardest obstacle to hurdle, at least in my opinion.


I built/try most of em… Yeah they are good but always feel like it doenst have the edge…

But as a friend told me… not having myth plate/resist may be the biggest drawback on any build while competing up top…

Than again, I feel like heat weapons could be tweak a little


I’m not trying to say you don’t have some valid points but I just want to give my perspective as an energy mech.

Heat is by far the hardest for me. If I put on enough energy to have consistent wins against energy while still keeping enough HP to face physical, which is what I usually choose to do, I lose to heat pretty universally.

I definitely could put more heat engines and beat most heaters, but then I would have to pick either dropping hitpoints and losing to every physical, or dropping energy and losing to them.

The reason I chose heat as my weak one is that at least in my experience even when I pack heat engines, I get beat by builds using sorrow, desolation, and rockets still very easily. Even the more common build of abomination, supreme, and desolation if they even have moderate energy. That energy free drone just keeps firing and heating.

I mean, many many players have the same complaint as you do I am not trying to say it isn’t valid. I’m not even really sure what I am rambling about here.

Maybe if I one day get some bunker shells I will feel a different way about heaters but right now I find them really tough to face.

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I think that with heat mechs, the same thing happens with energy mechs: there are 2 categories of heat mechs, mechs OP and those that are not OP (or those that only carry 1 or 2 OP elements).

The first ones do a lot of damage, the second only have a relative dmg. Let’s agree that there are weapons like corrupt light and desolation that are very good.

The common denominator is that no heat mech comes to reheat anyone. That is a fact. However, a good energy mech removes opponent’s energy in the second or third turn (if not in first).

I have 2 heat mechs, nice mechs, but the main characteristic they have is the ability to lower resistance. The ability to reheat the opponent (which would be the main function o heat), is scarce.


Its good😋

This post is little more than “I wanna win every fight, devs need to make me op wah wah wah”

No, it isn’t. It’s a call to the devs to truly balance all three types instead of keeping heat (and physicals) below energy in literally everything.

Plus, last I checked, he has a right to voice his complaint over something to obviously unfair.

. Sure he has the right to whine and complain, and I have the right to call him out on it. Fact is that energy is weak af unless you have dual val, then you’re op. If you have 1 val you’re balanced, if you don’t have any val then you won’t make it past rank 3 except on a Friday for a few fights before league resets.

Any full max myth heat mech will beat any non-val energy mech every time, unless the heat mech is just a really stupid build. So all he is doing is whining about not getting to win all the time and demanding that the devs make him op.

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Right now on day of league ending half, that’s 5 out of 10, of the top 10 are heat Mechs.

Where are you coming up with this? Every time I read a post like this I check 10 and it’s almost always heat on top.

Some may agree or disagree, but do keep it civil.
Rovo has some valid points, but he missed the interpretation of how things are.Heat isn’t weak, it is just weaker then energy.
Heat works pretty good against some build, but it is really lacking on the 1-2 range:
Energy has last words, epic-myth push wepon.
Phis has terror cry, epic-myth push wepon.
Heat has none… it relyes on either redoking or abomination, both L-M items, hard to find.
this puts heat in a very bad situation against high heat/cooldown zakares dual anihilations, nighteagle builds. They simply shred them to bits.
Also, against energy users, all heat wepons, epic-myth, except desolation, are energy dependant.
I will tell you this, an energy free heat build, with 2 magmas, redocking, and desolation, will lose to 2bunkershell, 2 valiant,buldog build…that is a fact.
In my opinion, beeing a allround player of heat,phis,energy, i can only say this, energy has all the wepons needed to build a perfect mech.
Energy build:
2 valiants
2 bunkers
1 buldog
brutality torso
sparked runners
final stats:
heat : 468/172 cooldown
energy:662/274 regen
hp: 1711.
this build covers just about evry range from 1-8, with incredible dmg potential, i have seen 1k dmg only from 2 valiant shots and drone. While beein hit by dual bunkers and drone, i have seen 1.3k easy.
now the best heat build:energy free.
2 magma blast
1 redocking
1 desolation
zakares torso
scorging feet
final stats:
heat: 401/277 cooldown
Energy: 282/102
Hp: 2179

Can you guess the outcome?
The enrgy build can be beat, but using specific counterbuild that leaves you open to heat/phis.
While the energy build, it can strolle around, killing pretty much most of the builds out there.

PS: want to bet the heat mech doesnt get pass round 6, no matter the starting range? and it wont even get to overheat once the enrgy build :slight_smile:


I just missed a bunker shell…

Soo many legendary weapons…

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You may be right about me whining a little…

Probably the fact that I’m in a sequence where I keep loosing to the meta energy mech El Metre described so well…

Also yeah, energy gets OP with Valiant sniper, maybe they are the problem…

But yeah, unless I have a double rapture and I start the match next to the other mech I cant overheat him before at least round 2… When an energy mech will have drained all the energy or a physical made like 1k damage…
It’s not completely underpowered and no I dont want to win every match… I just want to stop getting a match after waiting like 10 minutes and facing a mech that even with the wisest strategy I cant beat…

But yeah its lacking a few key weapons and/or are too hard to get…

Heat weapons such as the corrupt light should increase their heat to 100-110, even with almost 400 energy. An energy with valiant malice face shoker leaves me without energy in a few shifts, that would be a good way of balancing because it could avoid losing so fast energy if I overheat it … it’s just an example, because desolation’s aim is not earned …