Why game?! WHY?!


Amatur chotiya here, and been playing for little under 2 months.
I buy around 30 silver boxes a day, and get 1 or 2 fortune boxes.

  1. The fortune boxes seem to be charged with misfortune, since most of the time most of us get rates.

2 . Considering that we recieve an epic, it is almost ALWAYS fodder for legendary (aka kinda useless). I have been praying and begging for something useful like a heat/ energy engine or a cooling/ energy mass booster, but NEVER seem to get one.

3 . Is the drop rate like 1 out of a housand boxes or something? Would be helpful to know .

Feel free to type your experiences and solutions or something similar below.

Yours newbie/noobie

Amatur Chotiya

Which is better- malice beam or ultrabright?


Even the hardest mission drop the most worthless items. I know how you feel.

I frequently play Mission 6 of the last stage. That mission is quite difficult but the drops have been horrible lately.


Malice beam is better for mass drainers and ultrabright is better for dmg energy builds
I got only 2 ele engines since the start of reloaded :expressionless:


K thanks😀
…And I got 1 of both engines😅


You get a crap ton when you don’t need them too


I can’t believe why I can hold on to rank 8 with bad luck


Atleast have the drop rate of fortune boxes decreased but guaranteed legendary/epic each box would be better




yeah that happends i have some months that i can’t get any legendary weapon and I actually get a few epics items, but yeah the drop rate is really low now


Blease elaborate




i can’t understand


Why ultra bright over malice


Probably because UltraBright is more damage-based and can drain resistance.

While Malice Beams focus on massive energy drain but do not drain resistance.

But really, Yo Yo just hates dual beams…


Lol true…
But not just i hate dual beams…
I just hate when someone overuse’s them.
It’s just like they annoy you as much as they can.
This pises me off the most.Even if they have 2 of them.

Thank’s for explaining this :slight_smile:



(Have you tried the :heartbeat: button)


Yeah… they are kinda over powered


Ahh beatufull.
Except saying 20 word’s…you say

Good job…not being sarcastic.


Op af…i can see them using it Every single time. Even at rank 15
Soo in fact…i don’t hate if they just using 1.


Praise the game!!
FINALLY got an energy mass booster!


Malice beam drains ele cap