Why don't you show the exact chances of items for the Premium boxes?

Showing the drop rates for the boxes that cost tokens would be very useful to the players, as if we knew the chances we could decide if we should save up for the one that gives 5 cards, or stick to the box that gives one. Also Tactisoft would gain a lot of respect.

What I’m really curious about is which one has a better chance of giving a legendary item.


I agree, I can literally see NO reason at all that you guys dont show the drop rates, except if maybe the rates are so bad you are ashamed to show them, and in that case, shame on you. IF not though, it would be so easy to add in and show.


I’m pretty sure the drop rate is the same for the individual box and the pack. My guess is it’s somewhere around 10% for legendary but honestly I have no idea. I do think it’s the same for the 1 pack or 5 pack though

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Well, even easier it would be to show fake percentages like 1% for legendary in fortune boxes instead of maybe 0.1% or whatever it actually is.

So what use would there be for any percentage to be shown if you cannot confirm if those numbers are correct / true?

And if you could confirm the numbers that would mean that you would already know the chances even without TS showing them, right?
So there would be no use / need for showing the numbers either since you would already know them.

i dont know whats going on with this, but apparently they are already supposed to tell us. they won’t because they want to keep screwing players out of money as much as possible

We will have to trust that they tell the truth

@Sarah247 @Mohadib

Won’t their game get taken off the App Store if they don’t tell the percentages?

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