Why don´t they read the emails?


@Sarah247… The emails I sent you 48 hr ago. were not answered. I replied your PM this morning, but I dont get a response either.

Why? My problem remains unsolved.

Maybe it’s not right to say it, but Alexander used to sort this out very quickly, in minutes.

I just need a solution please and I haven´t anyone to turn to.

Thank you.

Sarah posted this earlier today in the linked topic.

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Sarah goes on holidays. It seems to me great, all people have the right to rest.

But tomorrow 3 days ago I still expect a solution to my problem. The last time that happened to me I contacted Alexander, he was not even in the office, was his day of franc and he solved the matter in 15 minutes just using his tablet. So hard should not be to fix.

By my part if tomorrow I haven´t a solution, I’m going to move by other side. In fact it seems to me that I have already lost a lot of time waiting for the solution, I should have done it today.

That, I did what I had to do, followed the right way, sent the emails technical support, sent a private message asking them to read the emails (even if it seems absurd). I took the trouble to write in the private message everything I had written in the emails. I did everything as it was.

So after don´t come to me with banned and weird things.

Thank u.

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As a heads up, Alex is NOT in the office with the tacticsoft team in Israel. Alex is also not a part of the SM team. While he is an exceptional individual who does an absolutely amazing job, simply put, it is not his problem (in this particular case). There has been someone assigned on the SM team to take care of the issues in Sarah’s absence. Of course, please know that this is not the person’s usual job and they may be falling behind in things that Sarah normally does. While it’s not the best answer that I know you were hoping for, I do ask that you please wait patiently for a response from the SM team. Thanks