Why does the new google crome not run anything, crome sucks not, i hate it


As i said, i am done with crome, crome sucks now, it cant run the easyest things >:frowning:


Every browser is pretty much the same… it is your computer or internet


It is new crome, it never did this b4, the crome devs are not gonna be hates by all, And i WILL make them pay >:frowning:




Look, i know it is chrome but if they dont fix it they are crome


Just because it lags on ur potato pc it does not mean its bad


chrome isnt processor-friendly

maybe try firefox dev edition or something; might help with the lag

on a side note, my chrome browser asks to always play flash plugins as opposed to playing them automatically just recently. gets annoying sometimes


No, it’s chrome’s last update, it sucks.