Why do we do this


A loved one has opened my eyes. Life is too short to dedicate the time required to compete at a top level in this game. I have a career, a duty as a lover, friend, and father. I fought at the top level. I was in the most dominant clan the game ever knew. I made friends for life. I learned new languages . It was a blast.

Why do we continue to dedicate ourselves to this game? Simple we are addicted to it and or avoiding real life. I love life outside this game and found it has eroded due to the time spent on this game. I regret nothing but want to get back to real life. Improve my disc golf game and possibly resurrect my career in it. See places I didn’t know exist. Feel the power of true love. Learn new things…like how to write a proper paragraph. I may be around but in a limited role . Tacticsoft has not earned my re dedication to this game. Life has earned my full attention. Be well, fight well, and live your life .


Boom! another player down.

Avoiding real life?
I don’t even exist


I just play this cause I’m bored around the house ._.


That’s true. When I hooked up with this game, I was going through a difficult time of work stress. The hard time passed, but the game stayed.

I got friends here, I met some people that I appreciate and what it costs me most is to get rid of people.

But I have taken time to other activities that I devoted years of learning and study. In the first place to Egyptology. I receive messages every day from people who ask me why I have not presented any thesis for months.

Then to photography, I love taking pictures and I even won some prizes in contests.

Like you, I have to take the right way. Except for the people I’ve met here, an internet game does not leave anything worthwhile in life, you learn nothing for what you deserve to live.


I will miss you seven , a true and caring friend. Take care and good luck on your journey <3


Some real words of wisdom there man, take care!


I play because I am bored. I have problems sleeping so it’s something to do…
I am stuck at home 24/7, I work from home.


So you are basicly DeadInside… well well well… isnt the world small.


Yes I am, I have spine issues so I can’t drive or walk very far. I work from home and I can’t sleep much. Thanks El Merte you such a nice guy…


Why dont you stop targeting me in forums I don’t need your feedback on everything I post…


No pun intended, and your health problems should not be displayed on a game forum. I can get it that you are bored, and that you waste your time on this game. Do whtaever makes you happy, but do learn that other people are intitwled to theor opinions … and you can listen to them or not.
You arent targeted to anything, tou just poat in evrything…and the autocorect beats the crap out of me


I realize that and I have never attacked your ideas directly but when you target my opinions I will defend them.


I would also like to say sorry im just grumpy today… I came across as a bit snippy.


Its allright, no harm is done.
May i sugest picking up chess as an alternative to this game?


I actually run a large RPG group Pen and Paper stuff like D&D. I really only get on here when I can’t sleep and no one is wake.


This game has never been much of a strategy game for me almost 90% of the time the best guns and best mechs win even before the update. I just do this to kill time


I miss tactics arena online…




insert pun here


Se77en u were always my great friend back in the old days man it sucks seeing u go and im sorry for the mean things that offended u my old friendi hope u live a wonderful life man ima miss ya old pal im glad u taught me ways of becoming powerful and enjoying the game u really are a good friend