Why do people prefer Devouring Paws to Dynamite Boots?


I see a lot more people with Devouring Paws then Dynamite Boots, Do devouring paws have an advantage over Dynamite Boots?


Mainly because they’re lighter and have more Heat Damage…
But it also depends on the build…
Paws are more versatile than Dyna Boots, but DB also has its own advantages


Alright thanks, I thought they only had 1 weight of difference.


I prefer Scorching Feet, but at least for me, it has been difficult to obtain them in a legendary state. The last ones I got have been maxed from common.


Mostly because many (real) heat builds have something to cover their range 1-2 and they don’t necessarily need the push from DB to knock the opponent into range 3.That’s all it does after all but for extra weight,which most people would rather not pay.


Looks cooler


I prefer Scorching Feet, They look Better and have the best stats out of the 3 Heat legs imo


Oh hey good question! It’s because Devouring Paws is better! Always glad to tell the obvious :smiley:


Because devouring paws looks awesome.


I use dynamite boots for no reason


because there are many furries in sm so they choose paws over anything else