Why do people max out drones before everything else?

So I see people with double legend last word, and malice beam. But the most important thing is they have a maxed face shocker. Take a look at these. Also, tors is not nearly as important as weapons


Torso & Legs = More HP

More HP = You can survive 1 more turn = You can win with the damage you do in that turn.

Drone = Automatically fires every turn, so whatever + damage you have there will keep applying as long as you have it activated (and it can fire).

yes you are right :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

ok flux, imagine you have 1.5K health, and a Dustmaker with -15 resist. Your opponent has 1.4K health. If they double anni you, you would lose about 400 health, bringing you down to 1.1K health. Then, you energy break them with valiant, and use your other valiant to do dmg. you have done about 450 dmg. Your enemy is at .95K health. Then, your drone hits at about 200 dmg, and your enemy is down to .75 health. You get the point. Now if you maxed the tors, you get about 1.8K health, but stop dealing the 200 dmg from the dustmaker. If you add up the dmg amount, the enemy would survive in that scenario. Therefore, isn’t maxing out drones both more versatile and better for autoplay?

Then you answered the question in your topic title. :slight_smile:

Tha mech was made just for the RAID challenge.Normally,there is another Annihilation in it’s place for I run full-physicals and I ain’t a newbie to go using hybrid mechs…

Please take a look at this.
Mordulec’s mech IS maxed…It’s just that,for some reason,it doesn’t show it when you look at his profile (anything but the drone).It shows the paint but it only shows the ‘‘upgrade color’’ on the drone.The rest it shows ‘‘naked’’…
I did max my torso first,and so did the majority of people playing this game.

ok, that clears up my confusion. Thanks.

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LAKE, the image from the profile does not show the fusion level of the mech… Do you really believe I could be in Reign R. with a low level mech? Here, dig this:

that’s what I said bro…I know your mech if a fully-fused max mythical tier.

Sorry, bro, I got mistaken by the title of the thread… It says “Why…” I thought it is a genuine question and you just feel lost…

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No biggie.
Happens to me sometimes as well :stuck_out_tongue: