Why do peeps farm Ramboy?


WTF I see people farming ramboy on insane, for 10 fuel each. This is frickin ridiculous. The only reason I see people farming ramboy is because it has a chance of fortune box. Anybody know why people like it so much?


After having farmed all of them for a while. I learned that there’s really no difference between the three.

I farm ramboy, normal mode daily (3-4 refuels a day) and usually get more items than I would ever get from say BB (normal), or mission 6, norm,hard,insane.

Plus it’s a more efficient use of fuel. Plus RB is really the only boss to drop more black boxes, and more items overall compared to the others mentioned. (Not even that other boss drops as much).


hmm… interesting, I should be sticking to mission six, but you are right still not enough gold accumulation.


btw what are black boxes? fortune boxes?


See look, mission six is ONLY good for two things, gold and XP. That is it, (it’s also more fuel efficient than farming BB for XP/Gold). Boxes do drop there, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired.

I’ll also add, that RB will at times not drop boxes or give shit loot. Still worth farming if you stack up every week like I do.

And yes, black boxes are fortune boxes.


I am farming right now gimme a sec to show you what I’m doing.



sorry for the graphics, but I forgot to do it


That’s not bad, but if you really intend to farm RB to it’s best. I’d suggest farming it for a few days (yes you will be over the limit but it helps).

After a few days you can open your loot and upgrade plenty or transform stuff.

Hell in under a week, without BB legs, I can make upwards of 5-6 legs, maybe more but I upgrade a lot.

Hell with this I’ve gotten everything short of my drone/modules max mythed. All in all, just keep farming.


That still doesn’t beat my record of 6 legends in ~8 hours, thanks to mission 6. I plan on farming it until level 150, to where I will switch to either RB or BB.

As always, happy farming everyone!


I made around 10-12 from mission, prior to hitting lvl 100, then it died down (one tank lvling as I called it). So I went back to RB and farmed it for days stacking up and making more, hoping for a good weapon drop.

Atm I have around 20 legs (useless ones), and more on the way, to use on new weapons (if I’m ever lucky enough) to myth.

If anything, farming has annoyed me more, so many legs, and nothing good to myth.


On a side note, insane RB is 8 fuel.


Pantallazo-2018-01-11 23-16-05
ramboy is the best


Ramboy normal r insane?


I still dont get it, u farm RB on normal to get more boxes, but in my testing i dont see the box drop increase compared to mission 6, on the other hand farming missing 6 can get you to lvl up loop(if u r low-mid lvls), plus u get more gold. I stopped getting fortune boxes since last week(?), Can someone clearify the difference in drop rate if there is such a thing?


Instead of farming Ramboy for 10 energy points,why not farm Bigboy on normal for the same amount of energy but with a lot more gold and experience?
Not to say that the boxes are the same.Most definitely you just got lucky.


Ramboys max mode fuel use is 8.

Not 10, you save more fuel even at insane than you would at any of the modes for BB.


You might save a little bit of fuel,but,at the end of the day,the amount of rewards from Bigboy and that of Ramboy’s don’t even compare!


So the time you have to put into.


I’m going to need solid proof of the rewards.

Personally, I’ve wasted refuels on BB before and have gotten shitty commons, or mediocre rewards. or hell no boxes.

It’s more or less the same sometimes with Rb, but there I at least get more BB boxes, more boxes per refuel. Over all, for me at least, RB is the better place to spend your fuel.