Why do i still visit this place


Every time i post something people say “its bad” “bad idea” and yes ik that my latest “4 mechs idea was stupid” BUT THIS IS EVERY TIME I POST one time someone said my work was fake :confused: so idk if i will come on this place as often as ive been.


you seem to be a relatively new player

and we face players with 6 years of sm here therefore its supposed to happen

if you want to see good mechs just inspect the top 10 at the end of the week


LOL you only made 1 “idea”

One poll said “4v4 campaign is a bad idea” and you go make a topic about “all” your ideas being bad

Also. @L4K3 was saying it was a good idea. How come you’re ignoring it?

Is your vision small? Are you a kid? Cmon man


Here we go again ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Ugh ok u did not understand.


Remember that with @WinzKay you need to speak really slow with little words. Sometimes pictures help too. just messing with you winzypoo


Actually,I said that having 6 mechs like before was good.Unfortunately,I was off-topic :laughing:


Why are you getting mad at us?

It ain’t our fault that your ideas are bad,man…






They’re pretty horrible bunch tbh. My suggestion, post a better fresh idea something that nobodies thought of before… Like… Trading!

Let me know how it goes.


All the art you do is better than I could come up with

Crap, that trident I made took me two hours haha


Kshhhh Yankee Golf Golf Mike to Echo Leader kshhh the sonars are going mad kshhh prepare the bunker kshhh a shitstorm rave is coming kshhhh Over. ksssh a bit more


hmmm… ouch ! aaughh, wait wait… ahhhg!