Why do I start with negative resitances?


I opened an ultra mythical box and got God Mode so I replaced my old Vulcano for it. The thing is that now I have negative resitances. Why??? I was actually stronger with Vulcano… The extra HP seems to mean nothing.


Go check what the top players builds and you’ll see the message in it.


I only see most of them don’t even upgrade their gear. What’s your point?


It’s actually overpowered when used correctly with some specific builds. Combine it with the annoying resistance pads it’s really unfair.


God mode have automaticly lots of Health Points, to reduce his Force moderators made he gain more damage. Its not any error.


lol then whats the point then? thats very weird way of balancing a game. Make him have less HP then.


no, if you would use 3 max resistance kits for Exp/Elc/Phy it’ll start with 0 shields, but have less weight for weapons, God Mode is for Smarts or P4Ws


Welcome to Super Mechs, a game that used to be good but has become a “pay-to-win-based” game.


80% of godmodes in game are easy to kill because tiny minded people use it, trying to solve the -24 resis, ignoring the cooling or regeneration; but have a godmode with 1200hp and 30 regeneration will make you easy for energy mechs, the same if your cooling is under 50, will be a easy hunt for melting mechs.


When God Mode was made it was simply them playing around with the resistance and hp, since they already toyed around with litterally everything else. Diamond shell is supposed to be the opposite. low hp but high resistance.
The point to GM is that u start with a lot of hp, but if u let battle drag on for too long the resistance will take it’s toll. U start off with a big advantage that will diminish, as with DS u start at a disadvantage that will slowly even out.
Imo though, considering resistance pads are a thing it’s point blank stupid to incorporate these game mechanics.