Why did you changed the font in the workshop?

Honestly the previous “SM-styled” one looked better and was a bit easier to read…


Today’s vesion up(11.3) includes changing font at English language setting.
I love old font!

It shows changing font between version 11.2 to 11.3 .

Old(ver11.2) font is Clear! Easy to read! Cool!
New(ver11.3) font is difficult to read… “20-24 Pvs Dme”? (No! “Pys”!) “2 lumoine”? (No! “Jumping”!)

Why dev change font?
Can dev undo the font changes?


I honestly don’t care if it is a bit off. But, I do see your point. So… cool. I do hope they change they change the font, I don’t like arial font in this game, but the normal SM font, it does fit in (Though, in my opinion, it looks like just a lot bolder version of arial, but it is still better.

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My poor English :frowning:

I changed opinion.

I want dev(@Sarah247 ?) to fix only “descender of letter is chipped” on(?) item [email protected]/WORKSHOP screen.

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As for me it looks good.
We need a fine print, it’s much easier for me to read with my poor eyesight.
The standard font is also not bad, but my opinion is better for me
Have question.They change it at this Version 10.4 of the game -Bitcohen ?
Just interesting.Thanks in thanks in advance.

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TS just can’t make up their bloody minds, I’ve seen the fonts flip back and forth with every update the past few months like a couple of girls fighting over which looks better.
This looks better no no this one is better, NO this one is better OMFG pick one and bloody leave it.

PREFERABLY a font that is clearly visible but also is not chopped or cut off because it won’t fit in the dam table sizes you have set.

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People now complain about fonts too, oh my god.

Guys ignore it, they will probably fix in next updates. It’s not something that completely destroy your gameplay.

Keep calm :sweat_smile:

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HELL NO break out the torches and pitch forks, time to burn some of them evil witches…

HAIL HAIL the Anti FONT, we praise you…

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Huh? What are you guys talking about? My font is still the same :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What’s your platform and SuperMechs Version?

My platform is [email protected]

You can check SM version when you starting SM, then loading screen also shows SM version.

Oh, I don’t have a loading screen. I’m on mobile.

Mine is supermechs.com
Ver.is 11.3