Why can u pay for gold with tokens but u can't pay for tokens with gold

Supermechs is needs to fix this now It is

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Why is that
U can pay for gold with tokens but u can’t pay for tokens with gold

because the game is greedy


Tokens are premium currency and therefore can be exchanged into “normal” game currency.
But you cannot change “normal” currency into premium currency because that would void the exclusiveness of premium currency and hence its value and meaning.

“Free” online games mostly have this setup into normal currency and premium currency.

The premium currency can be used to buy better things in general, change to normal currency, buy additional attempts / fuel / energy (whatever the game uses to limit the amount of actions of the player) but in exchange you can only get a little of it for free in the game and have to purchase more with real money if you want it.

Edit: Another often seen important difference between normal currency and premium currency is that normal currency only works in the game you gained it.
But premium currency often is placed above the games which means you can use it for all games of the company as long as you play those games with the same player account.


Dude, is obvious. everyone would have a few thousand tokens in no time.

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i still don’t understand


Just wanted to say that.
Great explanation :wink:

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Let’s just go with the, it makes no sense. Otherwise people would be stupid rich just from farming gold and the company wouldn’t make money at all. k? end of topic.

Top players would drown in tokens lmao


maybe: 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 gold for 00.1 token

Sorry but maybe we can make you accept one thing, too:

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Now this topic is older than yoda but i still posted, what will you do about it?


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Manolis, the thing about neroposting is the topic may be irrelevant. Or in this case, the people you’re talking to are long gone. CloudedSunrise is long gone.

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I used token to gain token

I know but pleeeease guys! There is technically nothing wrong about posting something in an old topic even tho it might be dead. Nothing against the rules, nothing bad about it. Idk how you consider it as spam, do you receive notifications from this topic? Its almost funny that posting in a dead topic annoys yall that much. Yes posting in a dead topic is pointless but that is for the one whos posting to decide.

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Ah, I see now, Manolis. I was only looking at whom you’re replying to rather than what you were saying.

I never had a problem with people neroposting. The issue is if the topic is still relevant and the people are still present to respond.

But I see you’re trolling now. So the whole point of you reviving this topic is to teach your point, that’s meaningless. It’s very childish of you. You need to grow up.


…?! I saw someone scolding another user for replying to this topic after long , and that one user who was scolding the other made an 70 word post just to put across the message that “neroposting” is meaningless , and it might be but that’s none of his business to judge. So that made quite an impression to me and I typed my very first message to show how i disagreed with the act of scolding someone for neroposting. Yes my post was ironic a bit, but that’s all!
Now about the last thing you said about me, no offense my friend but you either think that you can tell someone’s age and maturity through one forum post or you just wanted to “strike back” to my reply, just to elevate your self at my expense. Am I wrong?

Btw this is not meant to become a serious argument so lets cut it off :joy:
I already explained my point, i just think that its more exaggerating than mean to type such a post in order to scold someone for neroposting. As you said anyone is still present to respond. And yes I am the one exaggerating the most right now , putting all that effort into typing this. What am i doing with my life ?! tell me ewe

Ironically, I 100% agree with you here.

However, I don’t agree with the manner of your presentation. Also, you preached to the wrong person (me) about something I already agree with you. That was annoying and hence why I said it’s “meaningless” to preach to someone who 100% agrees with you.

Elevate myself at your expense? That’s irrelevant to what we’re discussing. I see no point in doing that.

I thought it’s childish of you to troll a topic to elicit an argument. If you were really concerned about defending neroposting, then you need to pick an appropriate time to defend someone rather than trolling. There are better ways of doing things, trolling isn’t the way.

By the way, yes, you can definitely tell someone’s age by their grammar level and to a certain degree by their behavior. People’s grammar is a dead giveaway. Very young kids have little to no grammar. Generally, educated adults have superior grammar.

I think the same can be said about determining someone gender by what they say, although that takes more time to figure out.

You typed all that lel.
I don’t think that my grammar was bad, my vocabulary was impeccable i would think. I didn’t troll, you can’t call the 10 word sentence i typed a sort of any high level trolling that will tell my attitude. Well making a brand new topic to defend neroposting doesn’t worth the time. Also you were the one who replied to my post while i was fully aware of the age of the topic. Anyway we are not going to spark a controversy over this, are we? I haven’t even encountered you as s player, neither you have encountered me and we have both formed a wrong image of each one’s profile.
PE: Im not an adult