Why can I not use the annihilation

Ok what is this. I was at the right range to use annihilation… yet…
55 PM

Looks like Ani’s glitched. I recall there being posts about this similiar bug/glitch happening to others with a variety of weapons.

@Sarah247 definitely needs to be looked into…

No or yes (cos its long now this way, but happens very rare) … its when you switch mechs, sometimes it save not correct (where we would be again at a very simular “issue” … internet connection or other reasons for being not saved correct) :exclamation:

So it shows the wrong weapon on that spot, therefor the “other” weapon cannot shot at this range or with only 4 energy :exclamation:

Solution, refresh browser after switching mechs / items :exclamation:
And you will have that problem never :exclamation:


P.S.: also there was a bug, where it showed the wrong position after pushing, but I think this is fixed already :exclamation:


Oh, that explains it I guess. Nice Besty!

oh that is way different from what i thought

This happens when you have the row of weapons (like in the image).
Happens to me , all i need to fix it is tap my tp , but you dont have a tp so rip

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I didn’t switch mechs…