Why bullets/rockets consumptions have to be multiples of 5?


Is that necessary? Why can’t it be some other integers?


What’s the problem? ‘-’


What in the world is an “armory consumption” ?

I don’t think I would like to consume an armory.


Lol me too


I assume this is a BD topic. (is it?)


maybe is talking about ammo, munition, etc. cuz that weapons/drones need multiples of 5 on rockets and bullets… and he want double neddle with 1 bullet needed… maybe… or swarm on 3 rockets…


not “armory”, but “ammo”

well its truly strange when rocket launcher with 9 holes somehow eats 5 rockets. Still, basic consumption of 5 is legacy from Batte Mechs, where 5 was only possible. Now it is expanded to 5*x where x is whatever you want.

But of course back then players didn’t have continuos energy drainers, overheaters, swords etc., so it would make sense to actually use other values of consumption with some weapons. Like 12 or 16


We know, just like to talk nonsense :v