Why are you here?


I’m curious

  • genuine enjoyment of the game
  • the people/community I’ve met here
  • a sense of duty
  • nowhere else to go
  • I really don’t know
  • other reasons

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I might be leaving the forums for a little while soon… not enough time in my day


I came to the forum seeking knowledge. Along the way, I somehow got stuck in the forum.


Tbh, it’s all of those


I really don’t know why. Maybe it’s the people here that got me hooked. Or maybe I like the forum getting negative. Maybe it gets interesting sometimes. What ever it is, I’m not sure


Honestly, a few of those apply to me. The main reason I came back was for the players I met a while ago, but they are all gone for the most part.


I take my answer from @rc1


Some people I meet here, and my Workshop Unlimtied project, which gives me more fun while developing than playing the actual game.


I came here initially to access the Max Myth thread in order to make a good build in my early days.
Then I stayed here and didn’t regret it.
Glad I met you all and proud to be a part of this community.


The last thing I remember was I was enjoying a cup of coffee and then everything went black, i woke up in a small dark room with a computer and a game to play. A little hand written note said to come here for assistance and then trailed off into insane childish scribbles


im here to wait until the game collapse to the ground thanks to TS’s absolutely amazing way of managing the game and to laugh at people who dumped thousands of $$$ on it