Why are Some Hackers not Banned today?


What I don’t get, is how some hackers are not banned. So far, I met a few, and there are always a few people who want to learn how to hack. I honestly don’t understand. Some of these people who want to learn to hack, want to hack top players. For whoever is a top player, I do want to warn you. Be careful. I know I am not a top player, but I still want you to be careful. Hackers are people that could be as bad as a terrorist group digitally. They are always ended badly.




Whats funny. Is it because your a top player?


Okay what ?

First of all its really tough to hack an account, unless you are a professional hacker… so the kind of “hack” people do here does not affect any other players… unless there is some hacking genius who hack their server , I don’t think we needs to be scared lol


Still. Its better to be careful, don’t you think?


Better don’t give your passes to random guy and after it call it hacking i swear idiots like these should die


Yes if you are posting your credit card details on the world chat you need to be careful

jk ! Lol

Yes if u buy tokens and save ur card details hackers COULD get it if they try so hard, But then they could just use that time to hack amazon instead lol


Oh so whats your point, saying that I am an idiot for being careful? I have been hacked before, and it is not a fun experience, I can tell you that. So you can’t tell me that I should die for being “careful.”

I already been called racist for not going to the dance, now I have someone calling me an idiot for being careful. So for all I know, NOB OFF.


If you are taking about your account getting hacked, the only thing you should be careful off is giving it pwd to someone. . If you dont do that its Impossible to do it other than trial and error way which is also quite impossible…

The people who complain of getting "hacked " after giving out there user and pwd r idiot’s lol


I think they are not banned by two reasons:

  • If you read forums of other games, you will see how it´s a generalized problem. The conclusion you reach is that hackers are kids who spend their lives in front of computers and know more than the game developers themselves. They end up “winning” by default. They are like annoying flies that scare them from one side and find a way to enter from another side.

  • And I have to be honest. In this particular game, I think that TS does not have the staff, time, or the right tools to fight hackers. Except that it is very evident, as it happened with half of Shiro members.


I meant in another game like 2 years ago? Roblox I think. Got banned because I got caught hacking when someone else hacked me so I get banned.

So the other dude didn’t mean “idiot” to me? (Well I guess I am the idiot after that. I don’t know how to read.)





I’m curious. How is this racist?




Just don’t give your password and login dude, that’s my point


Sorry, I thought you called me an idiot for being careful. Now I know that you meant people who give their password away, and then call it hacking should die. So sorry. (I do not know how to read ._.)


Hey, you stole Flux’s line :joy_cat:


We are twins


oh my. This forum just got real weird