Why are physical mech wepons bad

im new X-X
and this is about why are physicals weak and shit

Many players prefers physical mech more. Physical Items easy to acquire. If you have good strategy no 1 will stand against nightfall & annihilator.

Because they are the cheapest to build

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best and easiest way to show it heehee no need xme here
btw love that avenger its really close to what i want on mine

To me as I am an energy pilot some of the scariest and strongest players for me are Physicals. @11_11 @Hamza_Khaled, Mitch, R.I.C.O all pilot physicals and they will make you pee yourself…

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This is me VS R.I.C.O

Physical mechs

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shouldnt it be physical vs heat?

Nope physical beats energy, energy beats heat, heat beats physical,

Sorry I just realized you was talking about the titans pic.

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do not exaggerate, just a couple of times and then anti-Toxic special edition, before dozens of times was defeated. Hamza, Mitch, RICO and many others constantly beat me. Due to different advantages. Basically the myth of the plates.

I do not agree. Not always. Heat can be beat phys, energy can beat phys. The criterion of specialization under the enemy type or the priority of universalism. And this despite the roughly equal ratio of a myth and their level only.

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There are always exceptions to the rules, yes types are stronger vs other types on equal footing but I can build an energy mech that would own all physicals in the game but it would make me weak vs other types. Because to do that I would have to use my mythic resistance and both my mythic plates and it would lower my heat and energy making me weaker vs those types… I am not stupid…

exactly, MYTH HP MODULES, to be clear

Since you have maxed all your stuff and they nerfed energy again your phisical easily beats my energy. Before when you complained a lot you had legendary and even epics on your mechs and I kept telling you if you max your stuff you would be able to beat me and other energy types easily but no you say I am wrong like you always do, Like i’m dumb… And keep your crusade vs energy so they nerfed us then you maxed your mech and now i may win 1 out of 5 matches vs you if im lucky where as before I could win about half vs a strong physical… So i’m getting sick of it and people still demand that energy needs nerfing because they can’t beat fully fused mythic machines with their epics and legendaries and they for some stupid reason nerf energy over and over and over. I dont want an advantage over anyone that i did not earn but I don’t want my mech nerfed into uselessness like energy mechs were before the update… Iv never once said nerf the 0 energy crap ever and they own me with 500 energy and all there 0 energy weapons and all this stuff is free!!! my mech is reduced to a weak physical that hits 80s with my all powerful snipers… I have 500 energy I have 500 heat I worked hard for my mech but ppl with under 300 energy complain and pout “i can’t beat top energy mechs SO nerf um” “and i dont want to spend or work to catch up to them” -pout- NERF UM!

that’s not correct sorry. You can max what you want but if you dont have hp myht modules you will lose, especially if you want battle a good energy mech. You are doing a lot of circumlocutions about this.

The number 4 player right now has no mythic plates…
And I am not making anyone not try to get mythic plates and energy weapons have nothing to do with mythic plates…
Do you think those top physicals don’t have mythic plates? and mythic resistance? But no one ever says nerf them its always people bitching about energy…
if I didn’t have mythic plates I could not even run the mech I have I would have 1200 hp and there would be now way i could
make a top 3 energy with 1200 hp and if i used epic plates i would lose to every heat and energy I encountered

Other builds have weapons that fire 0 energy the only defense energy has it to have high everything!
And even then if i’m over heated i can’t whip out my special gun and keep fighting… And mind you i’m not complaining but its stupid to bitch so much about energy its not hard to build a mech to beat them. Now yes it is hard to beat one with 2000 hp and 500s in both heat and energy but that has nothing to do with the type I could build any type that has that.

OMG heat is OP look at those stats and weapons!!! OMG POUT

OMG physicals are OP look at those weapons and stats!!!

you really didnt get the point. Heat and energy stats are not the problem, I dont care, you can have 600 heat capacity and 600 energy.
The problem is this:



does it make sense now?

And you missed the point I don’t care about that? Im complaining because they nerf energy weapons all the time and they keep doing it. I have 2 mythic plates and i have 2000 hp my point is you could not build a top 4 energy mech that uses epic plates you can build a top mech that uses epic plate in heat and a top mech for physical… You seem to think when I bitch about people wanting energy nerfed Im talking about plates I am not I am saying that energy don’t need to be nerfed anymore and it irritates me when people say it does…