Who's the Fake Fluffeh in Shiro?


Apparently, this person from Costa Rica has been going around claiming to be my son… :joy:

Usually, I’d consider fakes as a form of flattery or achievement. But appropriating my username and spreading lies under it… not so cool. Especially when my trademark gold-black paint is nowhere in sight. :joy:


Well of course there’s no gold black paint. Color kits got removed months ago lol


Can confirm. It’s fluffeh’s son. He says he’s 15. He’s really 150. Don’t let him deceive you.


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I wonder if he will become my new fluffball.


@Fluffeh he is PAIN.Jr


a Mech DNA test should solve the issue, both parties should donate tissue samples from their Mechs.
A mythical from each Mech, should be enough,


fluffeh is the real fake