Who would play bonk.io with me

Anybody , i will play bonk.io right after 1 hrs from now so if you want to play with me get ready in an hour. :slight_smile:

Find me as GDQUASKI there :slight_smile:

I’d like to, are you still online?

Do you play bonk.io :slight_smile:

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I’m playing

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Well add me as friend GDQUASKI

Name bro i want to add as friend so when i play i can quickly get with you :slight_smile:

I am guest

name is WinzKay

I’m in Quick Play

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Oh you should make an account there is no email required so its one second work

IGN please

same as here: jhjln87

It is so hard :joy::joy::joy: and confusing

What is yours?

GDQUASKI Add me as a friend

Wanna do custom game?

How long can you play

I just woke up, I can do it for hours lol

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Do some practice i will get to computer in 20 mins try doing quick play so i will follow you there .

Ok, well I’m gonna suck either way because i’ll be trying to multitask lol

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Hey i found you