Who will run the new GOAT? We must decide

El Metre, the goat organizer, has retired from the game, so we must find a new organizer
Do not throw out your GOATS yet!
Anyone who has an idea on who should run the new GOAT, please reply below, and the most wanted will be messaged and asked
(Yes, you can suggest yourself)

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Well first and foremost, you should get El-Metre’s take on this and who he would deem worthy of taking over. (And it can’t be anyone in the top clans, dear lord knows how that’ll go).

El Metre’s eternal partner, Wepwawet, of course.


i agree with Fluxeon’s suggestion
Wepwawet was also on my mind, very calm, doesn’t insult.


I agree with the choice. But at the same time, I’ve a feeling it’s not going to go very well.

Why? Everyone built these GOAT mechs and is going to be very dissapointed
Lets wait for the other forum members to find this, and hear what they say

Also, to certain people, don’t come here just to insult candidates
Flag their posts if that certain person does
(no names mentions, but you know)

I think that I should take over

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Every candidate mentioned will be added into a poll later on

Also, if you feel that you are the best, most capable candidate, don’t be afraid to vote for yourself!

Any other suggestions?

Wepwawet is a good idea, but we need more candidates to fall onto if they refuse, and to take more votes

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I have already destroyed my goat. For me it will not be the same without El Metre.

He asked me once to continue with the tournament, but I don´t have the courage for that. To me, El Metre’s chair is too big.

Look for another one if you want to continue, I’m out of the tournament. Tacticsoft was very stupid to let El Metre go in this way.

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I can do it if you want to i am active on the forum everyday so i can keep up with everything new

Guys, seeing as not even Wep want’s to do it. I think this should be the end of The Goat. At least for now, maybe at some point someone will have the same idea and try it, that or El-metre comes back to handle it.

Ok… so the only other candidate to volunteer is @Elcent seeing how he helped El Metre with the organizing of the GOAT games. :slight_smile:

Had no idea Elcent helped (I really didn’t pay much attention to those that created it, sorry). But he’d be a good candidate for it.

Elcent is a girl not a guy




Honestly the blames on me for assuming everyone was a dude. I’m sorry about that.

I’ll be in the shame corner.

I will make the vote now

The GOAT is dead, Let it die with El Metre on a high and don’t let someone take over and ruin it. Someone else can just think up a new tournament like the 1 weapon tournament etc.


No i thought the same thing at first