Who should I max out next

I’m stuck trying to figure what my next torso upgrade should be. Below is the ones circled. I’m planning on using it on a physical or heat/melee build.

Ok the circle didn’t work. Lol.
So its flame batt.
Hollow spectral
Both of the physical resistance torsos
& the energy free

Ps. No avenger. It’s a piss poor torso at best

hollow spectral


Well if you have good heat weapons that don’t use energy then anti-energy torse, if you have a mighty protector then one of the Platinum best.

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Hollow armor fits the current meta best… as long as you have L+ protectors.

My one word of advice: don’t forget to max those modules! They’re more important than you might think.

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I agree… phys monkey is the best of all of those (unless you have a good set of heat energy free items)


I was thinking the spectral too.


hollow monkeys r weak

it depends on what items you have, for example theres no point in maxing out an efa if you dont have any energy free weapons

I have a decent amount of energy free weapons. But not enough for some of the top builds I see