Who loves nature


I really love plants and animals so who out here loves nature. I am usually petting insects lol.


that’s dope man,

I usually go out biking at night for long periods of time and just enjoy the park near my house.


What’s stupid in that.




He means it’s really cool what you do

and it really is


Thanks for the help misunderstanding:confused::confused::confused:c


I hate bugs, I step on every one I see.
Plants contain bugs, I step on those too.
Trees block my way, so it’s getting burned down now.
Grass is wet and gross, that’s gonna burn too.


But you are alive because of them em​:wink::wink:


I took love nature…


Petting insects is amazing , i think you should pet ants , they’re also amazing


i used to like nature… but frickin mosquitoes are everywhere


I love nature…if someone just fudging removes stinkbug and mosquiotoes and other insects that’s annoying.


I mean.
I am pretty indifferent about nature.
But there can be very disturbing things in it.
Such as ticks, a mosquito that can put their young in you for them to grow, laying eggs in your eyes (Its a thing) charging rhinos, sting of the cow killer, bullet ants, excetera