Who Is Using Blender Here?


As The Title Says,
Who Is Using Blender Here?


what is a blender and what does it do?


It’s a free program used for 3d modeling/animating


@Zarkares Are You Using?


Nope, I heard of it before, I’d love to try modeling something but I don’t have time for that


You mean this ?


I use 3dmax for stuff I make on IMVU and SL


No idea what a blender is? Dig this!


I’ve used Blender before for creating a character for Facerig before. I’m pretty bad at it tho.


You can use it for video editing too!


I used it once for making an animation, but that was like 2 years back


I use Ninja Blender. Came with a smaller chopper as well in the package.