Who is this dude?

This guy is always in the Top 10 of raid

But he is Rank 25 and only have this mech

Can someone tell me who is this?

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A cheater obviously.
PM this to Sarah and she will try to take care of it.

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According to the new forum rules, you are not allowed to make this obviusly true statement.

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No offense, but that’s a ridiculous rule.

So I guess if someone is caught hacking,cheating,etc we should just let it slide then?




Yeah, but…

I’m not accusing him of hacks, cheating or anything, I’m just asking who the hell is this boi?

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I know, and I didn’t mean your statement.

Oh wait, I typed Rank 1 instead of Rank 25, sorry.

Well, should we report or something’s?

That’s the idea, I guess. Although I don’t know if that would do anyting, of course.
I’m not a moderator or employee of TS, I just wanted to remind @WMist253 of this new rule, in order to avoid him getting banned.

Well I’m too scared to contact @Sarah247 about that ;-;

Sarah is a nice person. She won’t eat you if you sent her a little PM about this cheater.

Go ahead. Don’t be shy.


Ahhh no, I forgot it’s my time to die of embarrassment, see ya doods laterz!

Guess I’ll pm her lol

Tell her it’s my idea or something…

I pm her already amd even told her about how shy you are :upside_down_face:



That’s me alright :slight_smile:

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Lol now i know your secret.

Look at this, nobody can reach 1st place on raid, but “He” can.

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