Who here is a rank 1 on supermechs?

want to know if anybody here is a rank 1 player for supermechs.

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Does Fantasy Mechs count?

(its like fantasy football for nerds! :yum:)


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<yes. a lot of them.>

are you a rank one skiller legendary

no… :frowning::frowning:

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i was black skull before the new version, now i am rank 9

can i see a pic of your mech

thats pretty good what is your torso

nightmare, but i will change it if i get a better one

you need to get zakares

that is extremly rare, you know?
i am 58 years old…do you seriously think i will get one in my lifetime?


your 58 years old
not to be rude but wow

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there is no rudeness in it
it’s not your fault that i am so old…:rofl:

i just dont think there is someone i know that is 58+ and plays video games

hey…i am a eternal kid…:grin:


i will be the same when i am 58+

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