Who here did not get the new EMP?

i did not get the emp instead i got a rare box with drones in it -_-
they were not even good

It’s e-m so don’t worry, you will get it soon


the drops are pretty okay bruh if you run it more than just a few times :wink:


Confirmed, another legendary dropped a couple of minutes ago (although shitty Naga…) I am still waiting for my pair of claws…


your so lucky… (20 char)

6 refills 0 legendarys

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not that lucky, still yet to get a sinlge claw after spending £110 trying to hunt one down. meanwhile others got multiple without spending a penny.

I’ve ran much more than 6 refils at this point, just be patient and they’ll come.

I think I’m on 6 now.

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i hope so
(20 characters)

me, always zero legendary pfff and not box too
it is painful

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2 legs(both myth food) 7 tanks

I got mines from a box not from the portal…

I played 5 times hard and lost tried to get it from normal 6 times no emp

i really hope i get it

Edit: Btw good luck finding one

I am pain…i did not even get legy not even EMP

Ash creator? oh come on! i need it so badly!

Mordulec feels sorry for you:
I got these:

And already fused like 10 other copies, not going to need that many in the future, 3 or 4 pieces max…


wanna trade , im offering my claw for the tp and rolling beasts

i didn’t get an EMP
i was soooo looking forward to it!
i had the build i just needed the EMP but6 the drops were trash!
and i dont even have heat bomb!

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I spent most of my fuel yesterday trying to get an EMP. I failed. Today, I’m going back to doing campaign. I got no love from Tacticsoft… :broken_heart:

At least I’m not as bad off as HunterKnight. No offense intended HunterKnight. I know eventually I’ll get it, just have to be patient. With luck, I can get epic EMPs from Silver boxes.

Wait for a portal with an easy insane difficulty to farm and you are all set , also , try to myth yourself a pair of heatbomb or EMP in that time , shutting down mechs immediately is really really usefull