Who has the SM acct Nagi?

Who has the SM acct Nagi??? He is in a high rank clan, and staying in one spot hopping I quit… I can’t move or switch builds, yet I am winning… I will post videos… So, I guess he is @Nagibator here in the forum…


Yes, he is and he does that on a regular base, every time, if it is possible AND when he has the time for :exclamation:

Nothing against any rules, BUT sure a psyco game :exclamation:

Best advise, just be the more mature one and quit, instead wasting 2 or 3 hours … its just 1 lost :exclamation:



Yes, I think I might have too…

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Well I did quit, yet I forgot to do a move. So, It automatically made me quit.

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So far I am 2/0 for waiting him out. :slight_smile: He can no longer claim to win every battle that he pushes people to corners like that.


He use an autoclicker so he can click automatically duriing hours

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Never heard of that… is that a setting on the mouse?

It’s a bot who click automatically for you on one button, you can use it to farm as well. You configurate it and then he can farm for hours

You can install one for free

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Do you know the link???///

no sorry i don’t use :frowning:

Never mind… I will not use it…

I’m sure its not very hard to find one. I believe before there was the auto pilot for campaign people used auto clickers


sure :slight_smile:

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I just beat Nagi with around 4/5 of my health on my 3rd mech remaining. He is now using a 3 heat team instead of a scope team.


In chess and checkers one can be placed in a “stalemate” situation, even when losing. It would be nice to see supermechs give a “draw” if in a situation where one player cannot attack, and the other player knows that moving from a defensible position would lead to a loss.

(ie. After 10 turns where neither player’s health changes.)



That is actually a great idea. You should post that idea in the future.

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Nagi famous for running the cooling destroyer hugger series
at least with my friends