Who do we support with tokens?


So, i heard something about a portion of either the reds bought or the reds spent on a server being included in the admin’s salary. I was wondering whether it was the server admin of the server you buy the tokens on or the admin of the server where you spend the tokens. And how does that work with Supermechs? And what is the purpose of using the “donate” boost. What does it do and where do those tokens disappear to?

If the admin on whose server we buy the tokens gets a share of the profit, i guess i should plant on e1 to buy reds while using them on servers im going ftw on.


it might be where u use ur tokens instead of where u buy them


As far as ik the things go something like this.

The amount you pay to buy reds , a certain amount of that is deducted by the service provider for eg Paypal etc. The remaining goes to the account of Tacticsoft Ltd.
Now what rumours are is that the admin gets a certain fixed percentage of the total money spent on that era.