Whitout Limits Clan Trailer

This is my First video of Supermechs and I try to do something diferent and Bam… Why do not I make a trailer? That’s different and Here I am this is The Official Without Limits Trailer I hope that you Liked

We’re looking for active players and higher ranks like 6 or higher

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what? xD ahgshagfdssfd

You don’t get it?
I am not rank 6.

Pathetic me.

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and your rank is? if you’re active and do clan wins it is okay :wink:

Rank 10-9
I am sometimes active.

Okay let me think on it cause i have some inactive people in the clan


you’re online? jasghjsadfhf


I’ll be in the global

why do you sound so salt? lmao if you need a lower ranked clan you can join mine. Were rank like 13-8 rn.

Excuse me but salt?
Where do you see me ‘‘salting’’

I am rank 12 and online for a lot

of time this is my clan

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Now this is


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LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

When I tried to watch the video here:

When I then switched to youtube to check the reason on youtube directly:

What did you do to have your youtube account closed within 3 hours after uploading that video, @TheYeff?


Use the other theme that was made for the clan and I edit the theme if necessary :blush:

Idk It is some youtube bug or something my channel is on youtube now and there’s people subscribed and people who really liked the video :3 I re-upload the video now you can see it :wink:

@sparsh nice clan i saw it with your new member that with the face xD (c/./c) or something like that is his name

Fighting Luckypig I see…what did you expect from a r2-r4?

Rank 6-4, Though Still hoping for a spot in BTB

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