While waiting for a match


We should really be able to chat while looking for a matchup… Since it takes litteraly minutes to find an opponent…
At least a notification of somekind…


And there should be longer chat history…


We had this back in 2013-2015.

You could chat while you were looling for an opponent.

Good times


seems I missed it by little… started playing around that time… why would they remove that?


They tend to remove/nerf anything that’s positive. :slight_smile:

And we’re not talking about HIV


Still cant forget that they removed the friends list.


I was wondering if there was ever was a a friend list or not.


Why aren’t u gone than :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree on that one.
Also,if you play on mobile as well you have no scroll bar and you can’t scroll it by swiping either.
Goes the same for clan member list (only on mobile,too)…No scroll/swipe,so you can only see the first couple members.
Not to say that sometimes it freezes and you have to quit and re-log in the application…