Which weapon have you had most fun with?


You have sh*tloads of MSA gifs don’t you? :joy:


I have plenty of time in my hand to put sprites together into gifs…


Ahh no, they’re from Google, also I like the Win animation for Abigail, so funny xD


my myth savegry-corupt light combo is the best


Valiant Sniper <3 The best wep in the game


L4K3 incoming
hide your arses


Huh,a topic that i forgot…well let me awnser.

flaming scope-It’s kinda fun and you need an good brain to play with that thing,kinda intresting for me.
crimson rapture-having fun with my L-M 2 range thrower…lol.

And that’s pretty much it lol


I think the most satisfying shot is from my Lightning scope when i get the chance to use it…and it usually makes the game, not always tho :wink:

I had fun with


I hated the weapon named

Terror Cry