Which weapon have you had most fun with?


So, as the topic title asks…

Mine was Seraph Blade after they recently buffed it. I used to giggle like a schoolgirl whilst whacking poor buggers for 600+ damage.

I found it funny as hell :grin:

RIP Seraph buff :disappointed_relieved:


Getting claw bois annoyed with lightning gate is really fun


HB because I enjoy burning both me and my opponent.
It just shows how we’re both burning in hell together


the name itself basically says “OH SHIFT WHAT IS THIS!”


iron shredder / shotgun mark x… I remember those where fun and op


Same here with Seraph Blade

God how much i miss wacking people for 600+ at such low or high resists.

TS bring it back :(((


you know I had to pull them screenies out lmfao


Iron Shredder is basically dual NF lol.
You can do it now


Spartan is my favourite :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

When they hit that juicy 500


the epic phys hook thing


I have the most fun nuking things with Flaming Scope lol


Either bulldog , weaver or emp


my all time favorite is the backstabber mark ii
(in this build i dont have one)


In old times :

Coldfire, Metal Shredder, Ultranova, The energy hammer and axe, Deep Drainer.

In Reloaded :

Last Words, Ash Creator, Bulldog, EMP, Lightning Supporters’ stomp.


Had a lot of fun with EMPs mounted on my smurff…


shame on you…:rofl:


S H A M E. O N. Y O U


Smurffland would be a thing, this boi would be its king. Had tons of fun with it. Could go against 2700+hp anti phys builds the lol way. @PFAHLMANN no shame, toping the kingdom


I’ll guess, it has no special items right?

Or before the nerf happened.


Before nerf it was…


Armor anniliator :ok_hand: