Which type of weapon would you like to be added next please vote

  • Physical
  • Energy
  • Heat

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I just want to know what type of weapon every one likes and wants to be added next plus who addeds and announces the new weapons

I’d like to se more physical mechs strategies.
And with something better than a useless Armor Breaker.


Me to physicals for life

because new physical weapons are always sucks(grave digger,repluser,armor destoryer)


For physical builds: Energy free drone? Range 3+ non premium and usefull weapon? Counter part for magma or bunkershell?
Ps off topic: @Ricemech88 aint sweet to quit battles mate :frowning:


Just delete this after finish this

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I’d honestly get hyped for a unique E-M energy weapon rather than a unique physical R-E that gets cut off at L-M like they did with all the other phys portal weapons.

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agree with you, exept for the “energy” ^^

I’d like to see a few more useful or stratedy inducing phys weapon ^^

Energy weapons aren’t strategic? What’s so strategic about physical mechs?? No mean in harm but I think we shouldn’t actually get any new items

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Energy isn’t as broken as most people think it is. Most non-premium physicals crush non-premium energies. Physicals don’t need new weapons IMO, they’re already pretty decent and should get the work done.

What people don’t get is that physical is a utilitarian class. You can’t really increase its levels of tactics thus further.

Off-topic: I just realized this is my 500th post lol

Physical Mach has no strategy :slight_smile: It’s all about power.

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if you take it like this there is same with heat,is just about cooling,or with energy is all about energy reg

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What’s physical about?

For phys having dual nightfall and 2300+ hp you may be right. But its not true for all phys builds mate.
Plus you need to take in consideration the “building” strategy. “Press button” NFs or annihilations builds take some weight/build management to be real efficient (you need to equip all utilities)…
My personal POV is any type need some strategy weather arena and/or building. The thing is for phys, we lack alternatives for weaponry. The need for rare plat plates or myth savior is also more mandatory for phys (since you need both good heat specs amd energy specs)…

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I’m not even gonna argue :slight_smile:
Looks like this guy doesn’t know in which planet he lives anyways so it’s pointless.


Well same for heat. Most heat are not so good, only the legendarys from boxes. Phys weapons are more easy to find in epic, that can be good and upgrade to Myth, except Shotgun, and the drainer (don’t know the exact name) And ofc Phys with 2 Mithical HP plates are really impossible. Straight way to league 2-3.

Thats what im saying mate. Same for every type of build.

Doesn’t Gravediggers at least go from rare to mythical?

I think he means the repulser.


Mind you, I have difficulty finding an epic nightfall and annihilation.