Which torso is better?

I need info for which torso is better: Brutality or Nightmare


the wendigo is better for its stability of everything but if you want more life it occupies a brutality although you will have to improve its cooling and its heat and enrgia and the wendigo will not only have to improve its life and small details

You decide

I prefer windigo/brutality

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Windigo and Brutality is king. :crown:

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that the game starts 3 torsos the 3 best torsos of heat now decides which one conbiene you more

But why the player who use brutality is more than player who use windigo? Windigo has high heat/cooling, energy regan.

Why discredit the torso nightmare is the same as brutality? and maybe much better


Is the special 100K subscribers of super mech battles?

Without platinum plate nightmare is bad idea.

This is the old torso stats:
NAGA ------------ (297), 997 HP, 245/88 Energy, 193/64 Heat, Weak to Electrical
BRUTALITY------(317), 1019 HP,193/64 Energy, 267/88 Heat, Resists - 22P/16Ex/22El
SITH -------------- (321), 1019 HP, 245/112 Energy, 193/64 Heat, Resists - 22P/22Ex/16El
GRIMREAPER - (324), 1019 HP, 267/112 Energy,193/64 Heat, Resists - 22P/22Ex/16El
NIGHTMARE — (328), 1019 HP, 193/64 Eneergy, 290/112 Heat, Resists - 22P/16Ex/22El
ARCHIMOND — (328), 1152 HP, 193/64 Energy, 193/64 Heat, Resists - 16P/22Ex/22El
WINDIGO -------- (331), 1019 HP, 217/72 Energy, 290/104 Heat, Resists - 22P/16Ex/22El
INTERCEPTOR- (340), 1152 Hp, 193/64 Energy, 241/80 Heat, Resists - 16P/22El/22Ex

Interceptor was the best torso but now…
weakest torso

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Brutality is all in one torso. Without premium plates its fun too.

If your building phy mech dont forget to carry butt cracker, butt opener, fire in the hole, butt smasher, butt pusher, butt kicker, butt blaster all in all The Night eagle.

This is only weapon which blast behind our butts.

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Nightmare is only good when you have mythical plates.

Go with Brutality or Windigo.

i only have Nightmare , sith and interceptor , no luck with windigo or brutality yet.

Collect some tokens open 5x box possible you might get your torso.


The Night Butt, you mean?

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i have 3 brutality and 2 windigo’s :slight_smile:

thanks for the stats…I am going to use the windigo


now which legs are the best ?