Which torso is best for energy?

Been runnng twin last words and 2 beams mech for really long and im looking for a great torso which of these torsos are best for energy mech ? Sith doesnt count since its garbage.

  • Windigo
  • Naga
  • Grim Reaper

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naga may be more balanced, with about 200 cooling per mech, but Grim’s energy cap out classes Naga by a long shot

And I like Wendigo personally, works ok for everything. But all of those are good in their own way.


If you have plat plating you should go for grimreaper, if you don’t have plat plating then go for something else because the amount of iron plates you’ll have to put on your mech will make it innefiecent compared to builds with higher hp torsos.

Brutality and even Zarkares could still potentially work though, if you choose one of these it will eliminate the need for more than one iron plating leaving more room for engines.

naw, all you need is 4 epic plates, plus a couple of energy boosters. By that, I mean regen. Then, add 1 mass heat booster, and 1 cooling booster

I use GrimReaper which is alright but doesn’t have much HP. Your mech reminds me of my “younger self” before I had Bunker shell and Valiant sniper

Grim has lower health,a little lower heat cap/cooling and a huge reserve of energy.
Sith…Yeah,Sith…It only has lower weight…That’s all (and that’s sad because you hear than from someone who has a Sith build with the maxed mythical torso…).
Naga is definitely the most balanced one of them.I’d choose that for my energy tbh (again…don’t ask,it’s a long story why I actually deleted it).
Windigo…We did the maths in another thread and we learned that windigo is actually an amazing electrician when coped with the right modules and weapons.
Out of these 3,it’s between Windigo (for a more balanced build) and Grim (for a more energy-based mech but more vulnerable to the other types than Windg.).
Go with the one that fits your style more.
I’m saying choose Grim or Windigo,but I’m gonna vote Naga just for the hang of it.

hmm… @L4K3 can you get us the link for the Windigo math? Meanwhile, I will go add something to my regrets… Throwing away my windigo to get desolation to legend

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Here is me debating about Naga versus Windigo for an electrician.

This is Mordulec’s reply on the same thread.

I didn’t talk about Grim but it’s something else.That thing’s for a lower health build with a huge gauge of energy.
You won’t Energy Break it but you won’t fight that much in it either,against a heater/energy-free phys.

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What about Zarkares? Only 1 heat mod, 3 plates, and then 4 energy mods. With the right equipment, it may be a beast.

~1,900 hp (w/o Plat plate)
540/232 energy
401/192 heat

Bulldog or Last Words, 2 Bunker Shells, Windforge, and a Valiant Sniper or Hysteria


Definitely a good build on paper.From the looks of it,would also perform pretty well.


2 torso I tried everything was not good I still looking can be torso archimonde

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I suggest staying away from archimonde. That thing is actually not so great. You’d never guess from it being leg+ but its true.

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yes that’s right you’re right but I have to find a way

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Something like this?


What is this nonsense, you cannot reach this heat value with one heat module.

Also pretty sure that build would be overweight by like 50 kg or so.

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I’m interested to see how this build would actually work. I have a feeling it would be beaten by both strong heaters and strong energy mechs.

Also a maxed Zarkares with one heat engine would be 401/154


I miscalculated :sweat_smile:

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