Which torso for an energy mech?


Is naga good for a faceshocker malice mech? I need f2p naga/grim energy idea. Now, on the subject of my heat mech, You guys saw my happy moment, or if you didn’t, here is the pic.
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I was browsing top mechs, and I happened to have a few supremes, and not to mention dem desolation. Is CL, repulsor, supreme, desolation a good f2p heat build? BTW, I don’t have a reckoning/abomination sitting around


Zark with 4 energy engines , 2 hp plates and 2 heat engines.

Its devastating


Care for my advice/enlisting?
Asking because it will take a while for me to write about everything…


I run a f2p energy build,consisting of Naga,Malice Beam,Hysteria (pretty much the same thing),2 LW’s (pushers + regen damagers) and a Windforge.

This kind of build works better with a Windforge than with a Face Hugger,mostly because of its strategy.
Generally,you’ll need more stability on mass drainers.
Face hugger de-activates after 3 turns and that can really mess up a drainer!
That because you won’t be able to perform the combo of your choice that turn (be it Malice + Hysteria + Drone,Malice + LW + Drone),instead you’d activate the drone then use half the combo.

Also,if your opponent moves to a position unfavourable to you right after FS de-activates,in order to use your given combo you’d have to activate the drone then move,so you can perform it next turn.
That means you most certainly won’t be able to drain him => RIP.
With a regular drone,you’d use one action point to move,use half your combo and the drone (that won’t deactivate) and you’re highly likely to energy break them.

Though you can variate the strategy with some items,I’d say not to use Face Hugger on a mass drainer.

Pretty much my build,but with a Snack (free-player energy drone).
Or,instead of Malice Beam,you could use an UltraBright and instead of Hysteria,you could use a Grim Cobra,thus making it a f2p,full Damage Electrician instead of a Mass Drainer.
Use grim only if your strategy can afford the pull.If not,keep the Hysteria just in case.
You could swap the Naga for Grim Reaper.That would give you an advantage over energy storage,tho it won’t have as much health (and cooling but it’s just 8 in this case so it won’t have much impact over the build).
This is only available for a f2p build.
It’s not the best electrician out there;any energy L-M would significantly improve it but these kinds of sibling-builds are the best f2p electricians around atm,due to lack of items.

Supreme + Desolation +any heat drone is already a killer long-range combo…
Sure,you can replace the Abomination with a CL and a Repulsor,even if that’s a Mass Heater part instead of a Damage heater…
However,sometimes you’d use an action point to only push,while not doing any good damage/heat damage…
But that’s still the best alternative to the Rocket King build if you don’t have access to Abomination.
Just so you know,it’s gonna be pretty heavy,but efficient for a f2p heater.


thanks! @L4K3


Glad to be of use!

Also,I forgot to mention:
A DawnBlaze might be more effective on your build instead of CL.
UB has more base damage and provides resistance drain.


kk i’ll look into it