Which top player do you like watching the most?

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Ohhhhhh… yeah. I became bbq material.
But hey, summer came, so thats bbq season…
Ill bring the meat and sauces next time. Drinks are on you. as for the flames, well, you know…

(Did you really have to mention the 2 remaining mechs… :disappointed_relieved:)

Ps: for the story, after that ominous battle, wanted to take revenge on Urbu; he destroyed my 3150hp beast (aka “le gros”") single handedly with a windforge drone :joy:


Well, most of the time i take my 2 roundeds vs you; so its 2 plates vs your 3.
Hence i dont mind loosing :sunglasses:


Y :clap: A :clap: S :clap:

Windforge players unite!


Sneaky Urbu


Ha ha ha ha…damn that is one nice sneaky smurf build.


I watched both replays of losses to Rovo and Urbu, :+1:


Hes got a damned ash creator hiden behind the blade. Windforge would sufice vs this build of mine tho… a pity we dont see the discussion in replays, pretty funny ones wentbout during this battle.


:joy::joy: both were good battles.
Hope you watch some of my wins too :sunglasses:


I did, and they’re pretty boring.


Yep, he caught me with it yesterday. I loled

Good for URBU! I like it when he pulls those sneak attacks.


Yes, pretty much, i have no idea why people would watch them tbh. But heh, 1 arena point is one arena point.


Yup, its over, never will i take the big boi vs him again.

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You know I’m telling this because it’s the exception;)

Tu me bottes les fesses plus souvent qu’autrement mon detestable ami!


lol… In the end I want to get serious, but you make me laugh.

I don´t have “talent” either, and when I play with my cell phone, less so, because on the small screen I sometimes don´t see what the other player has… :nerd_face:


I play 90% of the time on my phone…Its true that I miss some key component of my opponent sometimes… I also get distracted by the little humans I created somehow… It’s not like I should be watching them instead of playing…
( I’m not that bad of a father… I put the TV on and give’em chocolate)

I should have many mulligans when playing :stuck_out_tongue:


Adopt me much?
You can give me the car keys and i will be entertained untill the gas runs out…or the cops book me.


Just make sure the 3 baby seats are strapped :wink: