Which top player do you like watching the most?


I mentioned him as the best physicist. But I wont to label him because he specifically asked not to be labeled in the forum.


Where I fell into it :question:



Hey @Joeyjojojunior looks like we are the creative ones of the game…
That only meens this went down the drain really bad :joy:


He… she… he… her… him… his… hers…

Make up your mind dammit, I’m getting confused :joy:


During the 2 years that I know you, I’ve seen you longer outside the top 10, than at the top 10.

The 2 periods in which I´ve seen you on top 10, are those in which you have taken advantage of some opportunity.

Therefore, let’s see how you arrive at the end of this year, if the conditions and opportunities that are now favoring you are maintained, you can probably continue to maintain your position.


1st correct statement I read from you since years :exclamation:




You know you talk about the player, which …

  • won most of ALL players

  • won most of ALL time

… at SuperMechs :interrobang:

I am not sure if you know :exclamation:

So every small attemp to try to talk it bad, special which such funny “facts” you mentioned, just let you show, in very questionable light :exclamation:

Or it’s just still your massive ENVY you have about all my success here at SuperMechs :question:


P.S.: it would be like you say Usain Bolt is weak sprinter, cos he lost one race :exclamation:

Pretty funny :exclamation:



Yup we clean the sewers together ! Nice to work with ya brother !


Is that sometimes I´ve a confusion with pronouns.

Anyway, I think, since “bestplayerintheworld” can be both a male and a female nickname, I think either of the 2 ways is fine. I could also use the “it” and would be better. Because ultimately, it´s an account with a nickname.


I appreciate your good words miss!
But I don’t feel like the best player! Many are awesome!

But we’ll never know unless we all have access to the same items!

( I’m beating you and mr.E a lot lately but this game is so uneven… you’ll beat me non stop next week lol )


I don´t understand why lately you are beating me so much … or I am playing very badly or something has changed you.

In any case, you´re very good.

I confess that today I put my heat resistance in case you showed up. In the end all the physicists appeared and I lost with everyone … lol


Haha yeah didn’t changed my setup since last week ( change em every couple of weeks, or when bored)…

I just seem to have the right combos at the right time… and after beating you I lose to a rank 3 so no I’m not the best lol :wink:
And since I’m playing ( 2+ years) you’ve beaten me more than the opposite …

I did beat @lordgorgon without losing a mech tho…
( just wanted to brag because it’s a first… he beats me 5 to 1 at least…)


Winning 50 gold medals and many other colors, does not mean (at least in this game) that you are the best player. In any sport if you win medals, you´re probably the best, but this game is more chance than strategy, so the best player may never have won 1 medal.

So far, what I see, is that you have a very good ability to hunt opportunities and several platinum.

Outside that, I don´t see anything extraordinary on your replays. In other words, I don´t learn anything by looking at your replays. Don´t find anything worthy of being copied.

It´s the truth for me. I’m being 100% honest.


Gorgon has many platinum. It´s which makes the difference.

I generally don´t like to lose with players who have the same things as me. But I don´t give importance to losing with players who have more. It’s common sense.


:rofl: :laughing: :smile: :joy: :smile: :laughing: :rofl:

Very logic - indeed :exclamation:

Maybe it’s the one who won most less weekly tournaments (medals) :interrobang:


That exactly explain, why I won 29th Single Gold Medals and you 0 :exclamation:
Think about it :exclamation:



Ahorita ando muy inactivo por la universidad XD!


Don´t quote sentences out of context. Place the entire paragraph.

Quoting words, phrases or sentences out of context is an attitude that doesn´t stand up to the least analysis.

Quote the entire paragraph. The entire paragraph clarifies “in this game”.


Definetly bestof’s videos. Her cooking is awesome


I already explained it … since I know you, you have won by opportunism.

Maybe that explains why I´ve earned less than you, because I am not opportunistic, dont know take advantage of system weaknesses.

With this Im not saying anything bad. Some say it´s a quality to see the opportunities.

But I wont to learn that either. I prefer to be the way I am, myself.


Sorry, I still cannot follow your thinking …

… so winning less is better :interrobang: