Which top player do you like watching the most?


Yes he sucks bad as a player but nice enough for a stalker … Stalktaito


I think at this moment Rovolution is the best player.


Hello all,

I frequently read the forum but don’t participate, mainly because I don’t like writing in english (which is not my mother tongue).

But this time, I had to react :blush:

Don’t you think it’s quite concerning that a forum “Leader” expresses these kind of accusations (not to mention the belittlement) against another player, especially after the last forum rules update ?


I recall El-cent saying something along the lines of regardless of him being a mod. He is still allowed to speak his opinion.

But I do agree, these accusations have been short sighted. @lordgorgon can likely attest to this himself without E’s input (because you know, he’s his own person. Who can confirm it was by coincendence that you (Canopy) had the same build(s)).

Regardless, E, please for the love of christ. Stop assuming people copied your (LGs) builds. They’re literally common as hell given the range of premium phys weapons.

I mean no offense by what I’m saying. Just truthfully telling you, it’s becoming a problem, E.


What you are talking about :question:

He is not allowed to have an opinion :question:

Read this …

I laught about loud and told him some fatcs, (so his opinion he can hold, but I know the truth :wink: ) …

So every person (doesn’t matter if leader or not) is allowed to have an opinion :exclamation:

If the opinion is correct or not is a different thing :exclamation:
As long as they do not try to insult or starting becoming personal (as many do or try), all is fine :exclamation:

IF they start insult or become personal, flag them, and our great moderators will do the best about :exclamation:



I agree with you, I don´t know where the bitterness came from, so I decided to go to the replays, to see if I could find the answer there.

And I think I found it, Mr.E has lost a few times with you. So I already have the answer (or I think I have it).

Anyway, everything he said seemed very strong to me. Even in the worst quarrels we have had with Mr.E, he hasn´t addressed me in such an ugly way. Improper of a “leader”, by the way.



  • @Mr.E came out first with the dual spartan build (and that was some times ago)
  • due to my overload of items and close ties to E, i probably am the one who popularized it (3 identical weaponry line up)
  • that was by far the most OP build before claw nerf
  • all those who could land spartans and mercys in sweet quantities builded up to 3 of these (everybody)
  • after claw nerf, peolple had to move from this build
  • everybody experimented many possible builds (for counter phys/heat; rounded or anti energy build meta being spartan, nf, mercy).
  • weapons of choices for phys are limited
  • @CANOPY tested himself many set ups, for some he was the first, for some not
  • who build what first, with this small amout of good weapons, isnt very relevant.

Ps: alllllllllllllllleeeeez leees bleuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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Hello there, and welcome to the forums. Please read again:

There is no PERSONAL attack on you. It is game related criticism that I stand by. I would apply the same to myself, since it takes nothing but HP and res to get top spots as a phys. There are no tactics left in the game, and losses are normally incurred depending on who starts first and RNG rolls. Compared to the legends of the game, we noobs are crappy players that definitely don’t DESERVE to be at the top. I’m sorry if I singled you out, but you are probably the best example of what I was referring to.

@wepwawet From your statement, you are very quick, as usual to see the worst in certain people, and make poor assumptions about their train of thought, intent and motives. This is getting old and tired now. Maybe try a different approach. It is very transparent.

PvP losses have absolutely no bearing on the manner in which I address people here. If that were the case, the @Rovolution would be my worst enemy. Please don’t equate your way of thinking with that of others.

My status on the forums in no way limits me from having a valid opinion, so you need to keep that in mind.

My comments and topics are always game related, and games by default, include players. Being critical of a player in terms of gameplay and talent is fair game, as it would be in any sport. It is not an attack on the player’s actual character.



To be clear about this, please understand that:

In terms of game related aspects regarding my posts, I am a player first, and a moderator second.

In terms of supporting and assisting PEOPLE and their needs on the forum, I am a moderator first, and a player second.

Many people here that have interacted with me on a one to one basis will attest to that. Please stop mixing up the two when it comes to my posts.

When it comes down to a persons abilities and profession, criticism is fair game. I.e. Sportsmen, artists, politicians, actors, etc. may, in my opinion, completely suck at what they do, and I’m entitled to state that, even though they may be absolutely fantastic people in terms of character. In that regard, there is absolutely no PERSONAL attack.



@Mr.E… You called him “no talent”. That is at least a personal insult.

What do you know if he has no talent? You don´t know anything about his life. With what right do you say he has no talent?

He has won you many times, then, why do you say he has no talent?

Maybe he did not copy anything, maybe he had the idea long before you, only that you got the weapons first. Then, you cannot say that the other players “copy” you. That’s absurd!


I see what you mean but it must be very time consuming to answer all these attacks :wink:

I would apply the same to myself, since it takes nothing but HP and res to get top spots as a phys.
I’m sorry if I singled you out, but you are probably the best example of what I was referring to.

As you would apply the same to yourself, why I am the best example of what you were referring too ?

@Wepwawet @Transcendant
I’m happy I’m not the only one to consider this comment totally inappropriate.

PS : @lordgorgon is right, as usual :grinning:


It is NOT a PERSONAL insult. It refers to his gameplay, NOT his person.

Promoting your PERSONAL agenda against HTK players and YOUR chosen enemies are what constitute ‘personal attacks’. This, as I mentioned earlier, is getting old and tired, and is very transparent.

This is where the new forum rule comes into effect, so please desist from such behavior towards others.

Thank you


Only “absurd” (your used word) I am seeing is you going after @Mr.E every single time, with the only intent to try to damage his reputation :exclamation:

You did same with @ToxicDoll :exclamation:

You try now since months with me (without success :wink: ) :exclamation:

You do now with @Mr.E :exclamation:

I am happy @Alexander, @Elcent and @Fluffeh are excellent readers and can see how things are :exclamation:



Because I’m hardly at the top of the list, so it would be vain at best to refer to myself,

Look man, I apologize if you took my comment personally, but it is by no means a personal attack, just criticism of a player in a game, same kind of criticism could apply to a footballer or an artist etc etc. and in no way does that detract from their qualities as a person.

I’m sure you can understand that?


The analogy with footballer/artist doesn’t really fit as :

.They are professionals and so, have to accept attacks/criticisms.
.They are not part of an online community. By the way, if I was active in the forums, I’m pretty sure you would not have targeted me as you did.

Don’t forget also that there is of course a personification feeling in every online game (mainly because we don’t know each other physically), so the “personal”/“player in a game” dichotomy is quite irrelevant.

To conclude, I accept your apologies because, yes, I took your comment personnaly and I’m not sure how I could have taken it differently :grinning:


Hi man, thanks for at least partially acknowledging the intent of my statement. Although your POV may be valid to a degree, it most definitely was not intended in the context of my post.

Whether we are professionals or amateurs in any aspect of our extra-curricular lives, we must be prepared to accept criticism which bears a disparity to our actual persons. If someone here calls me a crappy player, which I most definitely am, then I will certainly not take it as a personal attack, especially if the person doesn’t know me from a bar of soap. But that’s just me.

I may come across as arrogant and stubborn regarding my opinions sometimes, but it is in the spirit of passionate opinion, rather than me just being a dick.

Anyway, regardless of what’s been said, I don’t see why we can’t be friends here. Sometimes things happen for such reasons. At least my comment got you to create a post on the forums. Maybe I need to call everyone else crappy players to get them active here :grin:

Hit me up via PM whenever you need any help with anything.



My opinions regarding some players are:

I think the best player at this moment is @Rovolution.

WelcomeToptheList is the best phys player.

The best and most creative builders are @Joeyjojojunior and @El_Metre

with respect to:

@lordgorgon , he is creative, but not all his creations are good, however he can afford to experiment because have many HP myth plates.

@bestplayerintheworld , I’ve known her for 2 years. During the first year I didn´t see her win medals. He had a brief upturn and won some new medals on August of last year, because she knew how to take advantage of the fact that most of players had not yet adapted to the new version. Then she fell again. Lately she has had another improve because she´s taking advantage of his legacy shields and she got several platinum plates. Therefore, from 2 years to this part, which is from when I know her, I see her as an opportunistic player. I don´t know how she won his previous medals, I was not here at this time.

@Mr.E. no talent. Despite all his HP myth plates and his espartans he loses a lot.

That´s my vision of the players.


Couldn’t agree more. And I don’t think I’ll ever get good, but it does not detract from my enjoyment of the game :slightly_smiling_face:


You forgot @Well, he is a very creative player.