Which top player do you like watching the most?


Truth be told, I find all the replays boring. There are no tactics, and there are no top players anymore. There are just heaps of HP and sitting ducks with spider legs.

The top ranks are just musical chairs where the people on top just get lucky, and take the spots.

Look at many top players (including myself) at the moment, no talent, just heaps of HP and Spartans. All similar copycat builds, absolutely no real variety or creativity. My Windigo builds and Gorgons Brutality builds have been plagiarized at every turn.

My kid used to tell me all the time also about who has all the copycat builds in arena.

You want to see replays, go look on YouTube at the battles in the Rising era. When stars like @Rising @bestplayerintheworld @algerianno @wepwawet @El_Metre and the other legends could shine bright in the epic 3v3 battles.

And the heroes of the game mentioned above have now been relegated mostly to the arse end of the ladder because of all the luck factors that have overwhelmed the game, starting with the abominable forced 2v2, and all the other ridiculous introductions to the game, I.e. arena shop, heat bombs, EMP etc.

This game has ZERO tactics these days. What a massive circus it has become.

Feedback on (premium) heaters

I’ve come to Gorgon himself with a claim that Canopy “copied” his build previously (dual SC + Seraph/WH-BB) and even he said he didn’t copy. Rather it was by coincendence that Cano tried the same build.

So unless LG was lying (which I highly doubt he was btw), stop making assumptions. Physicals, top tier ones, really can’t be made any differently. Especially after the claw nerf. Pretty sure EVERY top phys with that dual SC/Merc build decided to ‘reinvent’ their mechs with the new WH/BB.

I won’t say much about the rest, except for there’s only one star that throughout the entire phys domination era has remained pretty much the exact same. (Obviously it’s Rising. All others had to reinvent themselves while he still managed to rekt them regardless). Obviously given the new additions (HB/EMP/CLAW) things have changed slightly, he doesn’t win 99% of his fights anymore. But he’s still got a pretty good ratio of w/l.


Canopy seems like a normal player, like everyone else.

As for myself, I consider to be from the average upwards. And the truth is that I don´t try too hard for the game. I may have some worse days than others, but it does not take away my sleep, really.

I have enjoyed a lot at the previous version with the Andernut´s replays. Now, on this version I don´t find yet someone so enjoyable.


I really don´t understand, why if developers want to change the style of game, invent such bad weapons and nerfed the good ones.

They invented the hammers and the axe with a frightful range and consuming energy (nobody wants them). Nerfed EMP and removed the knockback to The Claw.

Then, every time they get the opposite of those who seek. The game is becoming more standardized. In the end, it seems that there is only one mech model that works and we all want the same thing.


For the $$$ ofcourse , not suprised


i just watch clanmates’ replays tbh


Youre obviously on that list mate. Couldnt write everybody or think clearly of everyname, hence the “many others”.


I m good . I have always enjoyed being part of very successful teams . I quit chasing personal glory a long time ago . I have made some really cool friends here in the various clans I have been a part of . Bestclan , Llyl, and Reign. Fartaito contains true friends as well both retired llyl members . Team accomplishments and working together to achieve a common goal develops a bond that I found more rewarding than my grinding for personal medals. I got a silver with 1500 wins Ina week. :slight_smile: There are some great people here when they open up.


You heard the man. @greatPeoplez, open up


If you don’t know by now, Gorgon is just modest. Regarding the builds, I fight them everyday, so what’s apparent is apparent.

The only time my account lost against Rising was when my son played like a dyk. On the replay I saw, he stomped in range one when the match started, then pulled his drone when starting with the second mech. Like WTF?! Otherwise, Rising can’t win much anymore. Why? Because it’s just not the same game it used to be, and some players failed/can’t be bothered to adapt.

With physicals at the top of the food chain, and the phys inventory being so damn boring and limited, the game has lost any sense of excitement. It’s purely about who packs more res and HP.

RIP SuperMechs (for now)



repetition makes you perfect…:rofl:
(at least in the military)

joke aside…

well it would be true, if the process would not involve money…
i am an old player myself, and i am trying to adapt, however by the lack of will to pay and the lack of good items in drops, i am seriously lagging behind in the ranks of 9-10"s
but…if you consider it for a second (i wrote already about it)…the new release, what kind of benefit gives us?
multiplied numbers compared to the old version?
and as so many of my mates said here, the TOTAL LACK of strategy…well altough i am a old guy (really) i do not want to be labeled as the obstacle of advance, but i have had fun when i finally maxed my metrolens and bought the black color to it
i had real fun even if i did not make 2-300 damages but 90-100…i still remember i,ve spent hours on the game (in the shop) trying to figure out the best possible setup for the full 1000 weight
and what i miss the most, it was the graphic of the items…it did not change with advancement
i still remember i always used (the first issued) iron walkers, not just because it was saving me weight, but because i liked it how it is looks
it was also beside of the gamplay the enjoyment of the apperance of the mech…
and the other issue…complexity…fe if you wanted to shoot you neded ammo, you have to stored it…which is not just added to the complexity of the game, but also made it realisic (kind of)…so to build a mech involved much more thinking, figuring, trying…
like i said i am old and maybe those things does not appeal or mean anything to the younger generation of players, but for me it does, and in my honest opinion this new release nowhere near comes close to the old one…even with their thousands and thousands of hp’s damages and ever changing items…
thank you

btw who remembers powtaito…did not see him for long…


i watch canopy the most but also 0_0
i used to watch the bruce mainly because he at one point was the only one with a sword, and a greedy equipped


I don’t even watch them lol


this game has no respect for pure f2p players … been playing this game for 1 year and still no plat plate…um…yes, i won’t lie but i laugh at some players who are in top 10 ( not the well-known ones) but they don’t seem to have much tactics, lol i sometimes feel like if i was there he would be dead meat ( never meet them), i have handful of names but not gonna mention.
still lagging at rank 2…ah just waiting for a strike for luck, then maybe i can fit in the list of well-known …( want some medals lol).


Thank you to all who voted for me … a real honor :exclamation:



Just had a “battle” (he quitted) vs @Rovolution, and he said “xxxx, you always has the right mechs” (not word for word, but very simular) :exclamation:

I change my mechs a lot :exclamation:



Tbh I’m having connection problem today…
Lost to misfit too due to lag…

Even when I know I’m loosing I’m not quitting… and you know that… your so always saying report the facts… :wink:

I pmed u in game afterward to tell u about it…
So again I’m sorry about that but ur right about the fact that u always seem to get the right matchup even when I’m switching mech… ur a lucky lady


And it’s flattering to see people are actually watching my replays…
Some are epic but most are boring and I tend to have those loosing streak that aren’t interesting:p

But thx for watching!


Oh, the “quit” mention, was not meant bad, also I didn’t saw your pm, sorry :exclamation:


Yes I am very lucky :exclamation:



He is in fartaito… Still plays quite a bit .


Yeah, still bad tho…