Which top player do you like watching the most?


I know at some point, we would get bored in SM (or maybe you don’t)
So you decided to watch the replays of top players.

I always do that because their battles are interesting to watch.
So which top player’s replays do you like watching the most?

  • bestplayeroftheworld
  • Lord Gorgon
  • Rovolution
  • Wepwawet
  • Algerianno
  • 0_0
  • Other (name the player down below)

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Yes, the players in this poll are the ones I watch the most, which is why they are in the poll lol. Others?
Probably not.


O_O, will always have me watching his replays. (besides LG/Rovo).

Die hard energy main is just too good not to watch. c:


yesterday was the first time i saw lastofthewild’s replays.
though his mechs look stupid, he is extremely powerful(using a nightmare and sith lol)


This surprised me as well.
A top player using bad torsos.

Wow lol.


0_0 is just a legendary electrician who took up the place of his Father, and it’s just so good to watch a “Pure-Electrician” still being a fierce opponent in the Top Ranks other than Physicals.


I like 0_0’s replays because they aren’t always the same… same goes for @bestplayerintheworld replays. I watched a couple of LordGorgons replays but they almost looked the exact same.

You know? Repetition isn’t always best


I am not trying to offend anyone. @lordgorgon don’t take this the wrong way


Oh, i dont think i deserve to be on this list, thanks for that.
Physical battles arent very nice to watch. Our strategy is in the workshop. Thats mainly true for phys vs phys.
Phys vs elec or phys vs heat can sometimes be interesting.
Watching phys battles can be interesting if youre a physicist yourself, there is sometimes more than the eye can catch.
For entertainment i advice heat or elec battles.

LoTW has a very heavy module set up. Hes using exotic torsos for weight management mainly, fyi.

Cheers all, thanks again for putting me with the big names.


true that, u can only recognize some tactics when you are a phy mechs watching phy VS phy…and its also true that watching heat end energy replays are more fun.
its really hard to find a new tactic in Phy VS phy tho…most of them are same cuz…its like step by step…like…if u are in range 1 with seraph and anni , u won’t surely stomp and run away. for me i like my night eagle rather than spartan cuz its works perfect for my tactic…sorry if i am wrong… i am still a noob.
But yes, its hard to find tactic in other type mechs than urs, like a pure phy mech will find hard to find a tactic of heat mech ( maybe not).
Lastly none type can rule this game, and its for sure.
thank you


nightmare isn’t a bad torso… i have it at max myth too…315 kgs is no joke…it can be really useful for heat mechs…with some plates it can be OP and thats what lastofwilds is.
heat mechs don’t require HP, if u want hp then become phy mech.
heat has more tactics…more variety…and more fun… i was a heat mech before i became a phy mech.
sorry i told something else in something else topic


@Rovolution and @El_Metre coz they use heat and i love heat


I like to see the repetitions of @Rovolution and of @Fluxeon
I find it very entertaining to see his repetitions :grinning:


Whoever that didnt pay sht load of money into the game and never complain about anything being too OP


Unortunately, top ranks are devoid of such people…


Watching the guessing game replays ? I hate it . The game is a crap shoot anymore . Will my weapon hit high or low? Did I pick the right order ? Resistance plates correct ? Forced 2 v2 and the current state is less and less about skill. It’s about what you have and in what order . Creativity has been stifled and this re loaded version is a complete failure compared to the old game . I have a full inventory of stuff and can only stomach throwing out a few builds a week as any creativity or use of a cool weapon like an axe or hammer would just get me smashed . I only watch replays now to see what order players Lean towards . I may even stop doing that to make it more exciting .


I have no idea what I’m doing with my existanece so please act like this reply doesn’t exist.


I watch my own to see how I can play better . Other than that see above post


Thats because you lean toward blues mate. Building rounded elecs is impossible atm. Its sttill possible for heaters and physicists.
Having a line up consisting of 2 roundeds and 1 specialized build i can avoid the pick up screen gamble…


Wanna see some good game play? Piece of advice thrown here:
Watch Happypopers, Welcome top of the list, Misfit, Algeriano, watch Mordulec, Metre, Wep, Fluxeon, many others. Old school guys.

if you guys read this, Thx mates for teaching me btw


Only one on that list that has played longer than myself is Fluxeon. None of them have played at a steady top ten -twenty rank for as long as myself . I m old school . That’s why I hate what this game has become .