Which physical drone is best?


Which drone is best? I need a physical drone for my mech and wanted to know which physical drone was best




oh…ok thanks @Fluxeon


Void is the absolute best, then Greedy, then Hurlbat/Dustmaker. All physical drones, save Void, are for off-meta physicals (Dustmaker/Hurlbat weigh less, Greedy drains more).


Hurlbat is garbage. Greedy isn’t good. Dustmaker’s alright, but outclassed by Void.


I’ve never gotten a physical drone higher than epic before, and I happen to be one of those few people who run a phys mech. Unlucky me :frowning:


Greedy is great. I have faced Demaczeta and his Greedy really works overtime (average of -88 to -104 [displayed as -99] at the end of the match).

Dustmaker RNG is crap, least to me when I had it.

None of this matters because Void is infinitely better, though.


How did you even spend that much time in a battle without one of your mechs exploding? Did he have 3000 HP?


I used a 2, 400 hp Annihilations build. Demaczeta was the Greedy user.


It depends on what physical style you use in my opinion. I recommend you using the void if you use mechs with dual annihilations. If you have more weapons that’s more focused in doing damage instead of draining ( like flaming* scope, night fall and other hard hitting weapons ). I recommend you using the dust maker because of it’s high damage.


it is interestig…lava scope was a torso before…are they mixing up things and try to confuse us?..:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lmao what
I am pretty sure he means flaming scope


Yeah, it’s flaming scope. Lavascope caught on for some reason but that’s not the name for the new weapon.