Which one to bring back in reloaded super mechs


i don’t know the topic to put this post but here go

  • elemental mythical rocket launchers
  • saurus and dino rifle in one
  • machine guns(not the nightfall the items called of this name)
  • wipeout all marks in one
  • no im fine with this reloaded super mechs

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I SWEAR to GOD if those elemental rocket launchers EVER get added, I will DIE!!!


Get ready to die . XD


I personnaly wouldn’t mind of the top weapon version of Dino was added, the Apocalypse serie ^^




Dark souls ?
Which game ? ^^


Yep that is :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Change sprite of purifier for saurus and buff it
  2. Profit


this is also a good idea